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  1. try going commando for a couple of weeks. Underwear or even tight pants can keep the sweat, dirt, and oil from clear up when there is no room to breathe.
  2. let me know if it works after it dries up. I may have to try it. dusty [email protected]
  3. I too suffer from this. I get both easy poppers and hard ones. they can come in clusters or in spots. I have been dealing with this for about 15 years and hate it . i did find out that my sweet is a major reason they apear. it seem the salt in the sweet burns or irritate my skin cause this reation. a Dr. says i have sensitive skin and gave me creams and antibiotic to help, but it didn't help. I too am insecure with taking my shirt off. I did find tanning help clear them up or it just dri