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  1. It's a drug that has multiple uses, one being for Cushings Disease which I've seen some have been diagnosed with post accutane, and mifepristone is prescribed to lower cortisol. It's only an anti-abortion drug if used in a very high singular dose. Interestingly one of the guys on HackStasis completely cured his CFS when he took it. Check out this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4969503/
  2. We're all trying to find a solution to these issues (I've been trying for almost 8 years since taking accutane - this thread wouldn't be 15,000 posts long if we had a solution). Check out the links to the forums I posted above.
  3. Ditto! I'm pretty much done with this thread too, 15,000 posts and sadly very little achieved. I think the fact it's a single thread makes it extremely difficult to have consistent and meaningful discussions, especially with all the recent trolling. I would suggest anyone suffering with accutane sides to check these forums instead, where it's organised; http://www.swolesource.com/forum/post-finasteride-syndrome/ https://hackstasis.com/forums/pfs-pssd-accutane.2/
  4. Anyone ever had hormone levels tested via saliva? Ideally serum and saliva as a comparison? I didn't realise that apparently when tested via saliva this measures the amount of the hormone actually delivered via the receptors, so with issues seemingly involving up/down regulated receptors (so things look fine on the bloods, but the body evidently can't use the hormones correctly), this could be significant if it shows up abnormalities; http://www.hormonetests.net/pub/SalivaVsSerum.p
  5. Yep exactly what it was like for me, 10mg/day for 30 days. Dry lips was the only issue while I was on it. I was kidding myself with stuff like 'permanent side effects are rare' too.
  6. This is the whole point you clown, it's totally underreported as CURRENTLY the persistent side effects cannot easily be tested for, so patients are dismissed/doctors left scratching heads why post-accutane users don't respond to the usual treatments for their issues (ED etc) because they no longer respond/react normally to certain hormones. You think everyone is on here for fun, or because they've got a grudge on Roche?! People's lived are ruined by the side effects from these drugs. Who f
  7. Im still suffering from the the sides 7.5 years after 10mg/day for 30 days, but people have crashed after a single pill. Same with pfs. You're very naive if you think you're fine 'under the care' of a dermatologist, we all thought that. Derms aren't magicians, they're just paid to prescribe the stuff which is (currently, but on borrowed time) legal and reassure you that it'll all be fine. If the side effects were your fingers falling off then it would be easy to see if there were issues, but
  8. Can you link the information you found about this said “Baylor” study? http://www.pfsfoundation.org/news/clinical-study-of-post-finasteride-syndrome-launched-at-baylor-college-of-medicine/ The results of the study are not out yet, but due soon according to discussions on forums. Search the forums on propeciahelp, solvepfs, swolesource etc if you want more info
  9. I agree, I think fortunately it won't be too much longer. It's likely to start with Propecia etc as those guys are much more organised and better funded with the Melcangi and Harvard studies already done (some of the guys suffering with PFS have personally donated 10's of thousands), and the Baylor study results due soon (apparently this is also going to state the side effects are believed irreversible), then presumably they'll check for the same markers for people suffering from related condit
  10. For starters 10% is probably under-reported as obviously this is a taboo subject for many people. But how many of these people are suffering from ED as a result of drugs like accutane, propecia, SSRI's etc? Probably a significant percentage I would imagine as a lot of people are still taking these drugs, and they are known to cause ED. Bowel cancer is one of the few things people have been able to successfully sue Roche for regards accutane. Bowel conditions are already on the list of sides in
  11. I'm not 'telling' him to join the club - I hope for his sake he doesn't - the point is you don't get the option. You are at risk of involuntary 'membership' by simply having taken the drug, in any dosage, and the side effects can manifest over time, you are not 'in the clear' if you come off and feel fine after a few weeks. It's not just accutane, it's all other drugs in the same class, finasteride, deca, certain SSRI's etc. These are extremely dangerous drugs and once these dangers are fully
  12. @fingasz you really are clueless! Won't waste anymore time replying to you as you're totally ignorant to the situation people are in here and the dangers of this drug, but maybe you'll get to 'join the club' one day then you can see what it's all about. @mariovitali Assuming a fibroscan shows evidence of NASH is there a recommended supplement regime? I understand you had success with TUDCA and choline (amongst other sups), but have people who have had these scans been able to improve their si
  13. Really, and quote your source for these stats?!.... It's simply what you want to believe.
  14. The persistent side effects start when you stop taking the drug, not while you were on it. I took 10mg/day for 30 days, crashed after stopping the drug and now I'm still screwed 7.5 years later. If you're unlucky enough to get hit with the life-wreaking sides after you stop then see if you still think it's fine to prescribe.
  15. He's dug out some interesting studies, especially with regards to amino acids, and he's definitely made suggestions that help. I take betaine HCI with meals now and this results in a noticeable improvement in mental clarity. One of the PFS guys has seen a decent improvement to libido with l-cysteiine and l-histidine. What works for one doesn't work for the other though, you need to try things personally and notice how you get on, read up on studies and follow discussions on boards like that -
  16. He's made some contradictions and some of things he's said are no doubt wrong, but he's also made suggestions which have helped people and he's actively trying to establish an understanding of what these drugs have done to people, and the mechanisms. Gives people some hope at the very least. Everyone is pretty much on their own in this mess because everyone seems to be affected slightly differently (potentially the upregulated/downregulated situation, and other factors) - and speaking to a nor
  17. Anyone getting out of this mess and getting their life back is progress! Look at the positives from these recoveries - it pretty much says that no permanent damage has been done, the body is just stuck in a an abnormal state. Rather than discounting these people should be thinking about why it's worked and trying to understand the mechanisms better.
  18. Yup, ignorant guy! Will change his opinion if he goes on this drug and gets to 'join the club' and enjoy the side effects which are not on 'the leaflet'.
  19. IMO = In My Opinion I'm not telling him anything, I'm giving him 'my opinion' based on what I know. Loads of people have tried TRT on the PFS forums with almost no success. You stand a good chance of shutting down your own testosterone production going on it, so once you're on, you're potentially on it for life. It increases the risk of stroke, blood clots, hormonal cancers etc. Everyone is on their own essentially, so if you want to get on TRT, then go for it. That guy asked for some advi
  20. It's essentially theoretical, I don't remember seeing any studies specifically, although there was a PFS foundation paper which did reference some studies - that must be from 2010 or something, but I don't have the link to hand. Bottom line is, based on some of these theories quite a few people have actually made some good gains already from things like anti-progestins like RU486 and ella, some on a minerals protocol, and more recently taking specific amino acids based on the theory that the t
  21. IMO I'd forget about the low T, and definitely wouldn't go on TRT. The issues go far beyond just low T, otherwise people would've been curing themselves years ago, and many people have been stuck in this state for decades. I'd get a hormone panel done, including progesterone, DHT and estrogen and electrolytes panel, including phosphate and potassium. Think you may find you have high cortisol, high DHT, high progesterone, low e, low-ish phosphate and low potassium. I'm increasingly conv
  22. Accutane is 100% responsible. I'd check out some of the threads on this forum below which is primarily people suffering from PFS, PSSD, post-accutane, post saw palmetto etc (all pretty much lead to the same side effects, loss of libido, ED etc). There's a ton of information to read through, but definitely positive steps being made on there. https://hackstasis.com Currently some PFS and PSSD people seeing good results from taking the amino acids l-histidine and l-cysteine. Actually inter
  23. It definitely has an impact on bile flow, a lot of people have speculated on it inducing cholestasis. I'm currently taking UDCA which seems to help a lot here, but it doesn't improve any of my other symptoms. I don't think there are any studies to prove this, but then there are few studies on the effects of the drugs. The ones there are have shown its proven to shorten telomeres which means you are at a much increased risk of degenerative conditions like Alzheimers, dementia, many cancers as
  24. Do you know if they had normal AST, ALT and bilirubin? All my liver enzymes always come back normal, usually right in the middle of the range. Ultrasounds fine, PET/CT scan was fine. The pains I get in my liver/GB area are totally resolved by taking TUDCA or UDCA though, so I'm supplementing with that. So far no impact on other sides though. It's just down to Dr Pezzi (a doctor who took accutane and got hit with permanent side effects - loss of libido, ED etc) choosing to use that. P
  25. I've been through loads of the stuff and noticed nothing from it. It might be beneficial for overall health on paper, but I don't think it'll do anything for persistent accutane side effects like loss of libido, ED, brain fog, depression, persistent dry eyes/skin etc