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  1. Isn't salicylic acid derive from willow bark? I suppose that's the exfoliating ingredient.
  2. I might be a little late on this but you incur no import charge as long as the amount you order converts to less than £18. I normally order about 3 tubes in a go. The shipping cost is not added towards this £18 - I don't know off the top of my head how much it is. Alternatively, you can easily buy BP here from Superdrug, for example (the one they do is Oxy on the Spot).
  3. Found one: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...ic=19158&hl Hahaha! I guess old habits die hard. I'm in that topic linking to an older topic!
  4. Ah, this actually does happen. I'll have to find some links to old topics. I'm not sure if it happens with Dan's BP but certainly for other BP's that leave a white cast on the face. You also get a similar effect on your face from the BP if you take a photo with the flash on. Note that the same thing also happens if you use a moisturiser or sunblock which contains titanium dioxide because of the white-cast-on-face effect.
  5. Hi, Yes, I've done the moistursing thing before BP too and I know a few other forum members have done the same. In my opinion it works just as well as Dan's way. I tend to use the moisturise first as a back up plan for when my skin is especially dry and cannot take the BP first (this normally happens when I have stopped BP for a while and my skin has gotten unused to it). An alernative is to apply jojoba oil before BP, then moisturise. Some people think that moisturising first creates a bar
  6. Hi, I think you're still unclear as to whether there is a difference between a moisturiser and a lotion. A moisturiser is a moisturiser. It comes in different consistencies. i.e. a cream or a lotion. A cream moisturiser is generally thicker and comes in a jar or tube. A lotion moisturiser is normally runnier and comes in a bottle (note that these are not always strictly the case). As already mentioned above, some product lines may have 2 versions of a moisturiser - one in cream form and one
  7. I've just purchased Virtual Skin foundation by Prescriptives and the colour is a very good match for me (I'm Chinese so need a yellow toned one - it actually looks too pink for me in the bottle but it seems to disappear into my skin). I've only used it once as I am still finishing off my Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation (which, incidentallly should suit me more as Bobbi Brown is the 'Queen of yellow'. However, the Prescriptives one seems to match closer to my skin tone but only marginally).
  8. I also forgot to add that at the beginning when I started the CSR, I also had the moisturiser burning effect and it has happened to a lot of other forum members (so I have read over the years). It eventually wore off when my skin got used to the BP.
  9. Yes, I'd definitely agree with that. I used to apply Benzamycin Gel after moisturiser (didn't realise there was any other way at the time). After I started the CSR, I had a few brief periods when my skin became too dry and on all occasions I turned to applying the moisturiser first (as I didn't want to stop using the BP). One trick I used (and still do so in the mornings sometimes as I only apply BP at night during the weekday now) is to apply moisturiser immediately after washing my face when
  10. thats the exact same thing as putting asprin in water lol...you dont need to crush it. tiny tiny bit of water will dissolve it very easily and give u a thick paste. Even 1 drop of water would dissolve one Okay, to make it easier on yourself, purchase the ones that say 'dispersible' on the package (at least that is what my one has). These are the ones that dissolve in water without having to be crushed first, saving yourself the effort. I made the mistake of buying normal ones once and the
  11. I only just read about bio-oil yesterday whilst browsing the top picks on makeupalley.com. It is one of the few products on there that has scored an average rating of 100% with 11 reviews (which is quite good for this site). Anyway, I was about to post a topic on here asking if anyone had used it as I don't remember seeing it mentioned before (until I found this thread). So, I have done the research and since it is not too exhorbitantly priced and quite easily available (I believe you can find
  12. If you're still off the bp then one thing you can do to make the moisturiser more effective is to apply it while your skin is still damp after washing. This will 'lock' in the moisture on your skin
  13. I've used Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation for the last 3 years or so now purely because it's the best match for my skin tone I have found (I'm Chinese so need that extra yellow tint in foundations). I've never broken out from it but I don't wear it everyday - only once in a while on special occasions.
  14. Only just occurred to me but the job I eventually got (which I'm currently still in) is in a very image conscious industry but nobody every says anything to me about my skin and I don't feel it is an issue. It gives me more faith that people in the working world are less shallow than you would expect. Admittedly, my skin isn't as bad as it once was but it's still very noticable, especially as it has taken a turn for the worse recently.