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  1. Looks like typical teen acne to me. Also, and trust me when I say this, it's mild acne. You may think its severe but don't worry it's not. My advice is use the regime and avoid nasty food, and start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink A LOT of water, and I mean a lot, like to the point where you always pee clear.sounds funny but that's what I did. Hope my advice is any help. Good luck

  2. I need to know if I can use permethrin 5% cream while on accutane. Three days ago my little brother contracted a case of scabies after developing red itchy bumps. His doctor confirmed it was the scabies mite and prescribed him permethrin cream 5%. Now today I noticed a couple of itchy bumps on my arm. I haven't gotten in contact with my derm yet, so my question is can I use the cream they prescribed to him on myself?

  3. Anybody here got any good acne jokes. I couldn't find any good ones on the Internet. I'm really just curious and could use a good laugh. Any types and all types of jokes welcome. So come on and show me your funny side my fellow acne.org users.

  4. Ok so I'm through with my first month on accutane and got my prescription refilled but when I picked it up my pharmacy didnt have the same brand. My derm still prescribed 30mg twice a day for the second month. The first brand name I got was Myorisan. An now they gave me Zenatane. Would switching pose a problem?

  5. Damnit I need to stop eating all these processed foods! I was doing so good but this weekend I dropped the ball and ate pizza, chips & dip, and a whole bunch of Mac n cheese. Sorry I'm just venting and really regret eating all that junk food and didn't know where to put this. Hopefully I don't break out :(

    Anybody else hate doing this?

    And any recommendations on good healthy food to eat?

  6. Yup I've been in hide out at my house for about 2 months, since this year my acne got to its worse during summer. But it's true the other day I had to go pick up my nephew from school and I was dreading it so much thinkin about how people may react to my face and stare but no they didn't. And I actually enjoyed going and picking up my nephew it reminded me of how he's growing up and reminded me of my childhood I loved it standing there waiting for him to come out the doors and then him seeing me and running to me. Since then I have gotten more courage to go out more and looking forward to picking up my nephew again.

  7. When you laugh at most of these agreeing that they are so true.

    Woow these really made me laugh, highlight of my day. It's nice knowing your not the only one going through this. But it still sucks because its so bad that you delete your face book of your phone so people will not deal with the possibility of people inviting you to places etc and to save you the depressing thoughts that come to your mind when everybody on Fb has clear skin an doesn't know what's it like dealing with acne. (My personal one that I doubt people have done)...

  8. I feel you. I was feeling a little better the other week because i washed my face and i literally felt no incoming pimples on my cheeks when i was rubbing with my fingers (the only time i ever touch my cheeks) and i was so excited. This week i started breaking out FML. Its literally like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back i hate this so much. My parents are getting frustrated because nothing seems to work for me, and I am too it sucks! but i'm doing a little better then I was a month ago! We just got to take it one day at a time i guess.

  9. I feel your pain my life is being controlled by my acne I'm tired of hiding at my house hoping my face will get a little better so I can go outside and let people look at my face man this suuuucks sooo bad I hate how easy people have it they really could care less about the skin on their face and here I am only thing I can think of everyday is my face. I don't know how long I can keep doing this. I only wish there was something that would get rid of this forever and never came back.

  10. Yeah quit my job as a cashier because I couldn't deal with people everyday looking at my face. But over time i pulled it together and started going back to school and I feel great about that choice even though my skin isn't. I learned that people really do get used to you having that ONE little imperfection and you should too, I did! Right now my skin is kinda outta control again but I'm trying my best to keep going forward even if its one day at a time.

  11. I'm sorry to hear your feeling like this. I know it must be hard for you, but try and remember that acne to others can be seen as so miniscule. People starving in various countries in Africa, forced prostitution and people living on the streets are just a few of the worse situations you can be in. I always thought like this when I wasn't too happy with my skin at the time. A bit extreme I know, but it always helped put things into perspective for me.

    Are you currently using any topical/antibiotic at the moment?

    Yeah I finally went to a dermatologist and got prescribed minocyclin an tretinoi for two months and he said if that doesn't do I should try accutane.
  12. So today for the first time I shed a couple of tears over my acne. Over the past few weeks my face has gotten worse, and today I looked into the mirror right before going to bed saw my face and just thought to myself what happend to my face. :( I went to bed and laid down and just couldn't stop thinking about my face the opportunities I have missed, my family my friends. And I couldn't hold it in. The tears started to flow down my face but of course I stopped them before they got to my acne. This is the first time I have cried over acne. I'm feeling so low right now but I know it will get better...

    Has anyone ever shed some tears over acne? And how do you make yourself feel better afterwords?

  13. 100 million dollars = dream come true

    Boom clear skin = dream come true


    Hard decision considering my acne is on the border of moderate and severe but I would have to choose the money.

    I could buy the house of my dreams, car of my dreams, do the things I only dream about. Plus I could actually buy clear skin. Like buy a better diet, less stress, better lifestyle, best acne medicine etc!!!