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  1. Nope, I have never had cysts before! Just white and black heads (and lots of them) so I was really confused as to why this has suddenly appeared! I have another little spot on my other cheek almost symmetrical but that came up overnight and is a lot smaller than this one! Ahhh! Acne is so horrid! Thanks for the help:)
  2. Hi everyone! I'm in a spot of bother (no pun intended... ) Basically, I have been on roaccutane for 6 months. Finished about three weeks ago, all simple! But today, over the course of a day I have had a HUGE cyst or bump or lump or spot come up on my cheek, I also have a smaller one on my other cheek. I have no clue what it is, it seems really different from any other spot I have had , but don't know if accutane has changed the kind of spots I get. I even think it could be a insec
  3. I'm quite wary of dieting, or changing what I eat in order to control acne. I spoke to my derm about it and he said with my type he was sure it was not because of what I had been eating. Before I even went on accutane I had a horrible doctor tell me that it was because I ate badly, so I did a three month no junk food diet and only ate meat and veg, and the acne got a lot worse! Thanks sickandtiredofacne21 your reply has been really comforting (AND I LOVE THE USERNAME!). It's just annoyi
  4. That is really not what I wanted to hear!!
  5. Hi everyone! I am a 16 year old girl, and have been on Accutane for six months now. Before Accutane I had moderately severe acne for about three years, and had been on EVERY other possible treatment available! I started accutane in late october on 30mls, then moved to 40mls, then 50, and I am now currently on 60 and have been for the last three months. My dermatologist was hoping I could be finished after three months, but my last appointment he said I could either stop and wait for my s
  6. I'm in my 5ith month of accutane and just had two active spots pop up overnight :'( does that mean I'll need to do another month? My dream had previously said this would be the last!
  7. So... Four months in; I am super happy with my results! Derm told me i should hang in there for one more month to reduce the risk of relapse though I am 'free of active spots and redness will reduce as soon as I stop taking accutane' Yay so happy:) Glad I stuck through the dry lips ow Em x
  8. I have about two weeks left on the course and skin is looking good. My nose is peeling and have very dry lips though! But don't worry I've only just noticed improvements and they've happened so suddenly and really fast so just be patient )
  9. Not sure sorry.. Maybe 7 stone? I'm quite tall! I started on 30, now I'm on 40:) I'm almost at the two month stage, and my skin looks amazzinggg!
  10. I really don't think I've become more anxious! Less so if anything!
  11. Guess whose gone and got conjunctivitis. Off sixthform today because of it:((( skin not looking too great either! Damn
  12. I may be making an illogical link here, but is conjunctivitis a side effect of taking accutane? I've been on accutane for about one and a half months now and have been diagnosed with conjunctivitis (which I haven't had before!) Thanks!
  13. Happy happy happy. Had my one month check this week and been put up to 40mg! Doctor seemed very surprised that my skin looks good, and said he hadn't expected it! Only down side is my dry lips! Wohoo
  14. Three weeks on accutane today!! My skin looks great!! I'm so happy! Only thing is I've been experiencing back pain and also have become a lot more emotional recently, not depressed or anything but little things have made me cry which may not have before! WOHOOo
  15. It's quite hard to be honest! Having acne makes you look at it a lot!! I was told I should be seeing results by two weeks as my acne isn't too severe, or were they being too hopefull haha