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  1. Works for some people but not for me

    keep you looking matte cheap broke me out I was using this just to keep me matte throughout the day, like a makeup setting powder. It worked wonders for that but broke me out pretty bad after a few days. I really don't understand how this is good for drying out acne like people say. It might have clogged my pores or something but I'm definitely not trying this again.
  2. CeciliaCR

    Mixed feelings

    Mixed feelings

    very mosturizing non-comedogenic too thick heavy to wear under makeup can be a little bit greasy throughout the day I am not so sure about this product. I like it how it is non-irritating, non-comedogenic, fragance-free. It is definitely a good lotion and it mosturizes my skin really well. Still, I find it too thick and therefore it's hard to blend it into your skin. For those who like me are on Dan's regimen and have sensitive skin due to the BP, might be a little hard to work with. I also find
  3. Best cleanser ever!

    very gentle not over-drying doesn't remove makeup well doesn't lather well This is definitely a product I will stick with. It works great with my sensitive skin that is super dry and flaky due to BP. It leaves my skin feeling soft and ready for a new dose of BP. It is fragance-free and my skin feels like I just applied lotion after washing my face with this. Loooove this product!
  4. CeciliaCR

    Love this!

    Love this!

    very mosturizing Absorbs well into the skin (not greasy) cheap I started using this as my skin got super dry and flaky due to the benzoyl peroxide in Dan's regimen. I mix a few drops with my moisturizer and I can see a great improvement in my skin.