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  1. I have acne all the time, and it doesn't seem to be worse on my period, so I don't really know if it's hormonal or not. Especially since it's mostly on my cheeks and not my chin. I'm not allowed to take antibiotics or steroids (my mom wants to do everything natural and avoid a dermatologist no matter what) and since I've been struggling going on 4 years now she's bought me so many products she's pretty much given up on letting me buy more topical treatments. Right now I've just been using kis
  2. I've struggled with acne all over my face for years, but lately, I've noticed that my left cheek has a lot more pimples than my right cheek. Ironically, I sleep on my right cheek, so it would make more sense for that side of my face to have more acne, but it doesn't. Any thoughts or opinions?
  3. Um I'm sorry to say this but your "breakouts" are nothing but a few whiteheads; way less worse than what I and many other acne.org members experience. But yes, start the regimen for best results.
  4. I have moderate acne and it does not hurt as you say except when I pop a specific one. So, no, I don't think this is normal.
  5. I have used tea tree for years, and it used to work but since I've been using it for so long I think my face is used to it and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Peppermint is very strong and aggravating, so please do not put it directly on your skin. I actually grabbed it by accident once and put it on my skin like I would have with tea tree as a spot treatment, and it burned something awful. lately I've been using lavender and lemon as an additive to my witch hazel toner, and I've noticed my s
  6. Get a good cleanser, preferably medicated, which will set up your face for whatever treatments/makeup you apply after. I understand your struggle- I'm almost 17 and have been suffering off and on since I was 13 and nothing seemed to be working until I realized I was just using body wash which was actually irritating my skin. I recommend Aveeno or Neutrogena cleansers if you can't afford the Acne.org one like I can't. But remember when you run out of a cleanser, i even if it worked well, you s
  7. Have you seen a doctor about this? I'm 15 and have mild acne, and when I went to my regular physician for a yearly checkup, she told me she could prescribe me some medication (non-birth control) or refer me to a dermatologist. Perhaps you need to see a dermatologist instead, I don't really understand why you think you need birth control if your period is making your skin worse: for two weeks before and after my period, my skin is always much worse. Please consider trying a natural remedy such a
  8. Great spot treatment for oily skin!

    I've heard a lot of love/hate for this, but let's calm down. Baking soda is really cheap, even if you get organic/natural. All I do is put some water on my finger, dip it in the box, and apply it to each wet pimple after washing my face. However, you have to be careful not to get the paste on the rest of your skin or it will dry it out. Leave it on for less than 5 minutes, and use a washcloth to wash it off with cold water. Apply a toner if your skin is too dry. I do this no more than once a day
  9. Did not help.

    I only used this once, with one organic brown egg white. I used my fingers and spread it all over my face. At first it felt good, because it tightened and I felt a sort of tingling sensation. I left it on for ten minutes, but it still wasn't dry yet, so I waited until it was dry and tried to peel it off like many people said to online. However, it was so flaky that it came off in tiny tiny pieces, and I felt like a layer of my skin came off with it too! My normally oily skin was really dry, itch
  10. Sorry for not answering in so long. I've had much improvement since a year ago, just using the Jenny Ann's Mineral Foundation. It is just a powder, but after I wash my face I apply a witch hazel toner and concealer before the powdered foundation, which seems to be helping. I use e.l.f. Concealer because it's only a dollar, and I will look into the primer and maybe try it if it's a cheap price too! Thanks for responding.
  11. Better than most

    I've been using it for 5 months now, and up until this last month I was seeing great results, better than anything else I'd tried. However, lately, I've been noticing more breakouts, but I think it is due to diet, stress and lack of sleep more than my cleanser, so if you are eating healthier and sleeping more than I am now, it would probably work better for you!
  12. Best Non-Irritating Spot Treatment

    As a person who only spends money on a facial cleanser and toner, I always am looking around the house for treatments I can use without spending money. So far, tea tree oil is my favorite. I have been using it for several years now, and at first I was turned off by the smell and drying effect it had (my skin was very oily at the time; it has improved since). However, after trying OTC benzoyl peroxide and noticing it had little to no effect on my pimples, I have turned back to using it twice a da
  13. Good at first, but now I'm not sure I'm applying it right?

    Easy to use Looks good at first Expensive Hard to use Doesn't last long...probably I'm doing it wrong! I have used this for about 2 1/2 months. I have bad acne on my forehead, nose, and a few weird ones on my chin. First, I wash my face with a natural cleanser, apply a ph cleanse all over my face, let dry, then apply a regular old liquid foundation to my bad zits. After that, I apply this powder all over my forehead and nose only. It looks good at first but after a few hours or so my skin starts
  14. Sounds good that you started doing more natural methods, which are the most effective way to get rid of pimples and have less scarring. I have heard of the honey cleansing method but I was too scared to try it. How are y doing it? Just out of curiosity, are you doing a clay mask every day? I have heard it dries out skin, and no matter how natural it is should only be done once a week at most. Good luck!
  15. Not seeing much of a difference yet.

    Gently cleanses Easy to use Doesn't aggravate skin Expensive Doesn't help acne that much Small bottle I've battled with acne for two and a half years. I have tried all natural products but one, and that totals 6. 6 wasted products and cleansers, money down the drain, each product made my acne worse until I realized that i had sensitive skin and was trying the wrong thing. I convinced my mom to take me to the store and try a natural sensitive cleanser. They had several, but this was the only one