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  1. quarlainia

    Jojoba Oil Timing

    Thank you! The oil should be arriving soon! Yesterday I skipped BP in the morning because the flakiness was getting crazy... Will that kill my skin? I have a breakout on my chin again today, but I'm 99% sure it's from touching my chin a lot between putting on another brand of moisturizer while I'm out (cannot stand the flakiness -- oooof). How do you stand not messing with the flakes??
  2. quarlainia

    Jojoba Oil Timing

    Thank you! Does pre-cleanser work better than after the cleanser/before BP? I read about someone else using the Jojoba after the cleanser, but I'm not sure which works better for flakiness.
  3. quarlainia

    Jojoba Oil Timing

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the Regimen; I've been following it faithfully for a bit over a week now. In the very beginning I had a pretty gross purge all over my chin -- oooooof -- but I'm pretty sure it was partially caused by my idiocy; I didn't read every step of the direction and PILED BP onto my face for the first few days, so the flaking was pretty awful - my mistake! My dryness/flakiness isn't the worst now, but I do get a good amount of stinging, tightness, and redness in addition to some
  4. quarlainia

    Starting The Regimen

    Tracking my process on the Regimen... I'll try to take a picture every day if I can! At least once a week, though. Acne Day 2: Acne day 3: Acne Day 4: