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  1. music934

    5 Months on Spironolactone

    I've been taking 100 mg of spironolactone now for 5 months and here's my progress! The redness is mostly from scarring. The cystic acne is gone and I mostly just have smaller whitehead type pimples now.
  2. music934

    Spironolactone Progress (5 Months)

    I've been on the full 100 mg dose of spironolactone now for 5 months. My acne has significantly lessened! I no longer get deep cystic acne. I used to have a lot of painful cysts along my jawline and cheeks and I no longer have that. The only significant acne I have now is on my neck area, but I expect that will go away in time. I also get a few smaller whitehead type pimples on my chin and sometimes my forehead, but this is the type of acne I've had for pretty much my whole life before it got to
  3. music934

    Spironolactone Progress

    I actually ended up deciding to take half of my 100 mg pill to start off with and work my way up to a full 100 mg pill as I took spiro a few years ago at 100 mg and found it made me quite dizzy (which caused me to stop taking it altogether). So far I have not been dizzy yet, but I do pee more than usual (this could also be because I'm forcing myself to drink more water). My skin does not seem to get as oily though out the day and I have noticed a slight decrease in the amount of new cysts formin
  4. music934

    Before Spironolactone

    This is the state of my acne the first day I started spironolactone
  5. music934

    Starting Spironolactone

    I just started on 100 mg of spironolactone today. I have had acne of some form since I was around 13, but back then it was very mild, a few small pimples on my chin periodically that would come and go. However, when I graduated high school and started college, my acne became cystic and painful. It started along my lower jaw line and spread up to my cheeks and forehead. I have dealt with cystic acne now for about three years. You can take a look at my spironolactone gallery to see pictures