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Ruined my life
This stuff is poison and has ruined me since I took it. First gave me severe IBS-C, and my acne got 100 times worse. I then developed food intolerances to everything after it, tiny bits of gluten/dairy/sugar/alcohol/fruit break me out. This *hit is as bad as accutane IMO, and should be taken off the market. I was only on it a few weeks because it gave me severe stomach pain! Fu*k you pharmaceutical industry

By ZitsSuck21,

Thank you!
I never write reviews, but I had to for this product. Its the only thing that's helped me with my scarring and red marks. I dont have to wear tinted moisturizer anymore, just a bit of concealer (I'm a guy). Only been using this since the end of May and I've been getting great results already, red marks have improved drastically. I know I'm not on it a month yet so some mightn't believe me, but it is hands down the only product that has improved my skin after 9 years of severe acne, the only othe

By ZitsSuck21,