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  1. Hey, yeah I've tried all sorts, would drinking lemon juice day be equally as effective?
  2. Hey, some good posts here guys, its so difficult when you see perfect skinned people everywhere. I didn't really have any scarring before college; fast forward a few years and my face is destroyed with the shit. But in a weird way, having adult acne in the working world is a bit easier, people are more mature and aware of their actions. They dont care about your skin and most people dont notice your scarring. Going to try cut out alcohol until Xmas,I remember reading somewhere that is a some
  3. Just wondering does anybody know why all vitamin c supplements break me out? Pills, powder, the lot. I wanna take them to help with collagen production with scar treatments I'm getting done aswell as gum issues I have. I'd really appreciate any pointers for this one, peace out
  4. Hey dudes Been drinking raw milk for the past couple of days, no breakouts. I also ate porridge yesterday which used to give me HUGE cysts but no breakout from that this morning! Have any of ye tried or researched liver flushes? From my years of researching acne and food intolerances I believe the 2 can either be caused by an unhealthy gut or a liver issue. Mine was a combination of both! Also if working out seems to directly affect your skin, possibly look into getting your cortisol
  5. Nice job!!! I'm gonna try drinking raw milk this weekend, Im looking to bulk up a bit for preseason so I'll let ye know how I get on with it!
  6. Hey TheBean, I used to have a really bad gut (constipation was really bad). I took lots of candida/ parasite cleansing (with cheap things like good apple cider vinegar, coconut oil), to kill gut pathogens, and also took plenty of probiotics to bring the good bacteria back into balance. The gut gets out of whack from exposure to / consumption of things that mess with your gut flora (tap water, alcohol, drugs, antibiotics, smoking, sugar, stresd and plenty of other things). Try the ACV and
  7. Btw I used to get HUGE cysts if I ate any of that stuff.
  8. Read up about liver flushing, colon cleansing and gut health. I couldn't touch dairy gluten or sugar for years, after doing the above (think I did about 6 liver flushes) i can eat pizza, chocolate, almost all foods again without any issues.
  9. Thats on Thats only for bananas though, apples caused cysts like sugar and chocolate does.
  10. If I eat a bit of fruit, anything sugary, even natural sugars, my skin begins to itch almost immediately, the amount of sugar/fruit consumed determining the severity of the breakout. For fruit like bananas its only red little dots that appear the next day and are gone the day after. Breakouts are a bit worse with apples. Can't eat these things two days in a row. Also have an issue with nuts, condiments, dairy. Vitamin c has helped my gluten sensitivity though
  11. Hey, forgot I can eat those actually, miss eating bananas and sugary shit in general though!
  12. Thanks to the reply but all fruit breaks me out, regardless of GI levels
  13. So I have plenty of foods that trigger my skin, they have improved dramatically due to high dose vitamin c and lemon juice. But sugar and fruit still breaks me out like crazy. I eat healthy, healthy fats, none glutinous grains, but can't enjoy anything sweet or I'll break out, even fruit! Anybody have this issue in the past, but they've since solved it with a certain supplement or anything?
  14. Hey I'm still here! To be honest in my case, I had so many factors contributing to my acne. High cortisol levels (stress levels, got rid of this with 3 tulsi tea and the ashwaghandha herb). Candida and parasites were a definite issue for me, whenever I did cleanses for either I'd get extremely constipated, killing off all the dead shitt! (Literally haha). I actually had to do colonics to sort this issue (had one yesterday, therapist was delighted because she said there was finally no cand