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  1. lol Would it seem less bad to you if I said it to her in a cute canadian accent? Move on, troll. I'm not trolling. You're just pissed as you would have been terribly hurt by my comment if you had been that girl and you know it. Which is why you and everyone else is lashing out at me. And you wouldn't have been hurt if you were that girl? You would have been....
  2. Well you're getting a lot of sh*t because what you're doing to people is just plain wrong and you know it is wrong and yet you still do it! So that is why people are not on your side. Not to mention pretty much everybody on this forum has acne or had it. So when you say you lash out at people with acne in public you're pretty much saying it to everyone on this forum as well. And you're not just venting your feelings, you're going out of your way to hurt others. There's a big difference. I nev
  3. I think I know what you're doing here bubbles. You post a controversial topic and give these outrageous responses just so you can have your 10 seconds of fame/attention on these forums. We've all seen these kind of posts before and there have been too many people like you lurking on these forums. Just realize that you may have got the attention and responses you wanted but this thread will quickly be pushed down and lost among all the other threads and you'll just be looked at as "one of those p
  4. She may have had "horrible skin" but you're a horrible person. You know what it's like to be hurt because of the condition of your face and you still went out of your way to hurt that girls feelings. I really don't care what your reason is for doing it, it was wrong. There's no justification for your action. It seems like you still have problems and your "fixing" of these problems is by hurting other people. Get over yourself and stop being selfish. You think what you did represents power? No. Y
  5. I thought I would share some of my experiences and feelings towards acne with you guys, I would greatly appreciate any comments or hear about your experiences as well! I had clear skin throughout the first 18 years of my life. I had great skin that I never had to "cleanse" or apply any sort of topical to. I never once thought about having acne, it was just not a possibility in my mind back then. I took my clear skin for granted, but who doesn't when you're so young? I'm happy that I could enj
  6. Can you explain how to use the cucumber? Is it some sort of products or do you just cut up a cucumber and place it on your face???
  7. I've never tried it but probably will sometime soon, blotting paper/sheets. Suppose to help with oily skin.
  8. Very interesting topic, I'm curious to see where it goes.
  9. Man, I've been in the same boat as you and still find myself in this type of situation. I've seen two answers. The first is to tell her. Just get it off of your chest and be honest. If she's cool with it then she's worth seeing, if she's not then she wasn't worth your time. The second answer I've gotten was to not bring it up at all. That telling her about your skin would just make the situation worse and she would focus on that more than anything else. I lean towards the telling her answer. I l
  10. Ordered some manuka honey, hopefully it works!

    1. I defiantly understand where you're coming from. I've been dealing with acne for the past three years, just the face, I get a blemish on my back from time to time but nothing noticeable. I always thought to myself though... Why would anyone want to get close to my face? Or kiss me with all of this acne? Well I realized that when most people say they care and think you're beautiful, they usually mean it. I dated a girl awhile back and she really wasn't bothered by my acne. She understood what I w
    2. I was wondering if someone could suggest a good brand of manuka honey to use as a face mask/cleanser. Thanks!
    3. I'm 21 years old, and have dealt with acne for the past three years. I've had mild to moderate acne. I first started out on clearasil, didn't work for crap. Then used proactiv for about year, used 3 of their systems. Ended up making my skin worse. Then switched to Lush products, helped my skin A LOT but didn't clear it up. So I started using cetaphil gentle cleanser and gentler products from Lush, and also started shaving everyday as well, my skin was improving a lot still but I was still not cl