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    don don da the list of things i LOVE <br />God my family,friends being crazy,staying up late,partying,MUSIC,my guitar,going to see friends play at festivals,acting/drama,skinny dipping,thunderstorms,bare back riding,any thing unique,movies,being on the road,chillin',carmal apple suckers,and did i mention MUSIC!!!!!!!<br />and ya i am a talker <br />things i hate:<br />people who cant get over themselfs<br />people who will do anything to be liked <br />a negative person who wastes their life being depressed<br />people who dont put their life were their mouth is <br />soggy captin' crunch<br />homework <br />alarm clocks
  1. the anti bacterial dial soap works really well (give it a week or two)and dont pick also sleeping w/ you shirt off helps two
  2. i noticed alot of hair topics so i figured this belonged here i was taking a shower when i noticed on the back of my garnier fructis body and volume it had SA i also had been noticeing my hair line acne was clearing up any one else notice certin shampoos clear you up?
  3. mandy and a few other people had a post awhile about a girl who never used face makeup and endured the acne and now has great skin ill try to find it
  4. try bobbi brown my brothers a director and suggests it to his actors because it has yellow undertones wich look more natural he gave me a tube of there foundation its really good but exspensive and it didnt make me break out hope that helps (oh and the makeup removers some makeup artists use is really really harsh gental cleansers work better)
  5. i really like almays normal moisterizing lotion its light but rich and you can get it at the drugstore
  6. any one tried it is it worth 30$ and a trip into a store i hate here is the link
  7. bad idea no girl likes to be "put away" tell you think you want a realationship any ways your shallowness will come and bite you in the ass. this girl could be some where on the orgy :ninja:
  8. *when i was little ok fine like 10 i had watched a "scary' movie and i went in the kitchen to get some thing and my mom jumped out i and scared me i cried for 2 hours to this day i am perinod of walking around that corner *i still fight with my brother who is 26 to be mario *i love the show veronica mars most people either dont know what that is or think its wierd i dont know why ill write more later
  9. the dress is so pretty i am sure you are really pretty (safe asumtion)so i would keep the makeup simple mascara,shimmery nutral shadow ,liner, mabe a glowy light light blush and glossy lips or playing up one feature like eyes mouth ect and have fun !!!! or else whats the point? edit every one keeps saying brown if its brown toned blush or dark bronzer i would stay away it can make you look dirty i am blonde with pale skin so that is from exsperiance
  10. i know what you mean less is more the more products you use the worse it looks mabe try foundation with a little sparkle or lotion if you skin is oily try a light bronzer (who says you can ware bronzer in the winter ?!?)
  11. that "glow" comes from two things healthy skin and cream makeup look for makeup in cream formulas then try products like these wet and wild maga glow body shop glow enhancer dewys is the way to go you dont need all over makeup just fondation where things need to be covered and concealer under your eyes (concealer is not for zits!!!!it should be one shade lighter than your skin) drinking lots of water and exersiceing helps as well
  12. same here i cant get anything right.i am having a REALLY bad day.my boyfriend made out with my best freind oh ya i just came from the doctor 129 and 5'7she said i need to lose some weight ??whats up with that
  13. dont use almay skin clearing (it will break you out)use the moisterizer in the blue or purple bottles they makle your skin look healthy