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  1. My only Night Treatment

    glides on smoothly use only small amount lasts a long time can be drying if apply too much I've used Differin gel for almost 2 years now. My derm recommended this for acne night treatment. I had no reaction or irritation. I have very sensitive adult acne skin and most products dry and irritate, this did not. This alone however does not treat my full acne. I need to use something during the day too. But I do love Differin and notice when I don't use it my face isn't as clear. It dries out pimples

    GENTLE NO IRRITATION NON DRYING/VERY HYDRATING SUDDEN RASH/HIVES I have extremely sensitive skin/mild rosacea. My derm recommended avar cream when most other topical acne creams had caused irritation and did not work. I used for 5 months with great and immediate results! No dryness, redness, or irritation! Cleared up all my moderate acne. I suddenly developed a rash/hives one day a few hours after applying the avar cream. I was told to stop use for a week, the rash went away, I used again, the r