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  1. I don't know. I had so much bruising and swelling afterwards, I literally looked disfigured. It must've taken a month or so for the swelling to go down completely. No results though.
  2. Resurfacing doesn't work if your scars are deep. The only thing that works in that case is surgery. I never had any significant results from any procedure that wasn't surgical, and I have done a lot of them. Had dermabrasion under general anesthesia. No results.
  3. That depends on the way the scar looks, some types of rolling scars can even be treated with punch elevations+ablative procedure. Others can benefit just from fillers. I'm not a doctor, but from my experience, subcision did nothing at all for me. For my own rolling scars I would stick to fillers. Plenty of times people have the right type of scars for fillers, but they bother with multiple treatments of subcision trying to fix their scars. But to each their own, I guess. People have seen go
  4. I was talking about punch elevations. OP has the right kind of scars. I wouldn't do tca cross here, because it would take multiple sessions and it would still not achieve as good of a result as you can get with punch elevations from a single session. TCA cross is for icepick scars mainly. The scars that are pretty deep and round, with defined borders, like the OP has on his cheek are best suited for punch elevations. I would not consider punch excisions here, because the scars are wide enough so
  5. In my opinion, for the scars on your cheek, punch elevations would give you the biggest value for your money, and they are also the fastest way to get results. It is a surgical procedure though, so you would have to find someone who has done this procedure many many times before and has photos to prove it. Edit. Punch elevations could work for a couple of scars on your forehead as well, but it's hard to tell from the photo.
  6. What is the point of this? I thought this forum was meant for discussions on scar treatments, not for superficially raising self esteem by having people tell you your skin is not bad.
  7. Yes, I would say so. The discoloration is making it appear deeper then it is. I think once the discoloration fades or you get rid of it with peels, you will be able to really see what the scar is going to be like.
  8. I don't think subcision is dangerous in general, it's just overkill for you in my opinion. Donut effect generally happens when scars are tethered down, I don't think your scar is one of those, judging from the photo. Subcision is an invasive procedure, you should always try less invasive things first, especially with relatively shallow scars.
  9. I would never try anything invasive like subcision with your skin, the risk is just too great and the potential benefits are very slim. I think once the redness fades you will realize this is normal skin - it has imperfections, but that is normal. Do not do anything drastic. Maybe do some TCA peels and if you still don't like it go for fillers, cause they are temporary and they don't cause damage to your skin, like most of the other procedures could. Definitely do not do dermabrasion, subci
  10. Punch elevations worked, but they can't be done on every type of scar sadly, which is why I'm still struggling with scars. They work mainly on boxcars. It's definitely a lot less painful than dermabrasion, peels, or subcision and I'm going to guess lasers as well. Anesthesia is injected in your face, the pain of that is similar to when you get anesthesia for dental procedures. After that you shouldn't feel much. Goes for both punch excisions and elevations. Of course, pain is the last thing
  11. I'm talking mainly about dermabrasions and TCA peels. Never got any results from those and I had them done many times. Subcision also did nothing for me.
  12. I don't think anyone has experience with punch excisions or scalpel excisions over here. Everyone seems to do lasers/tca cross/subcisions. I actually have experience with punch excisions, I had a few done, the results vary. Still would choose it over 5 ablative procedures that do nothing at all. At least there is a difference. But I haven't had scalpel excisions so I can't comment on that. Wish more people talked about this and punch elevations, which for me proved the most successful
  13. I had a scar that got I'd say 100% improvement by punch elevation. It was a chicken pox scar, so it was perfectly round and symmetrical, but still...it was very deep. Now I genuinely can't tell exactly where it used to be even when I really try to find it. I don't think any ablative method can achieve this, though. Never got any noticable improvement from those.
  14. Hi people, My face is kind of swollen at the moment and what I've noticed is that almost all of my boxcars/rolling scars are significantly improved, to the point where I barely notice them anymore. Swelling will go down of course, but do you think I could achieve the same effect with fillers?