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  1. Thanks for the answers guys. That's what I figured as well. Sadly, almost all derms I've come into contact with suggest lasers, even though my scars are clearly pretty deep.
  2. If it seems that people care more about acne scars here, it's probably because the name of this whole website is, repeat after me, ACNE.ORG. The part of the forum where you decided to post deals with scar treatments. It is NOT a place where you come to raise your self esteem or get reassured about your physical appearance.
  3. If your one scar that I can see on the picture you posted makes you sad, that's fine, but this is not the place to discuss that. This is about scar treatments. So unless you want to ask about scar treatments, there's no reason to post here.
  4. Please don't post stuff like this here. I feel like a lot of people with minor to no scarring come here to see the rest of us who have it worse and be consoled I guess. If that is you, please do it silently. Don't come here to fish for compliments, this is not what the forum is about AT ALL. You have AmIUgly Reddit threads for that. This is where we discuss scar treatments.
  5. Scars don't look bad at all. Don't do anything you'll regret. I wouldn't do any invasive procedures if I were you. Like joeysk said, focus on clearing your acne.
  6. I was wondering about lasers and other ablative procedures and their purpose. Is it to just smooth everything over once the deep scars have been fixed? Or can they improve actual deep scars? Personally, I have a bad experience with skin resurfacing procedures (although I have never done lasers, just peels and dermabrasion). They have never given me any results whatsoever. I heal fine, but my skin afterwards is exactly the same as it used to be. Not even the most surface level scars have bee
  7. Most people who have acne scars don't even look that bad. Most people who post here barely have scars. Like Cassandra Bankson is mentioned here, no one outside of this forum would even register her scars. If you have scars like her and you're deeply affected by that, you need psychological help. With severe scars I find that time helps with the mental side of it. It's like grief, really, in time it will still hurt, but you'll get used to it and learn how to deal with it better.
  8. The price is crazy, but it probably has to do with fat injections. Subcision on its own shouldn't be nearly that expensive.
  9. I had tca cross done too, not too long ago. Same story, frosted, didn't scab, and sad to say I have no real results. I'm 26 too btw. However, my doctor didn't use tca higher than 50%, which I think had a lot to do with the lack of results. Next time I'm doing a real tca cross (70 - 100%) and I'll see if I have better/any results.
  10. I think it's genetic too. And it doesn't have to be inflamed acne that produces the scarring. Virtually all of my ice pick scars are from blackheads, or at least I think so, because they appeared in places where I never had any kind of acne, let alone severe acne. Ice pick scarring is the worst in that way.
  11. These scars do not look disgusting, in fact, in my opinion, they look kind of cool. No one will ever notice them, unless you specifically point them out, trust me. I mean, when was the last time you really looked at someone's ear? I wouldn't waste my time/money on this. I now see this was written in 2017. My bad.
  12. Your skin is actually really good, don't risk ruining it with invasive procedures. Maybe you could do a couple of tca peels, but be careful, because your skin is darker. Go to someone experienced. Also, I don't know what chemical peel can cost $1500 - maybe a phenol peel? Tca peels should be way cheaper than that. As for subcission, I don't see how it would help in your case, as it's meant for rolling scars mostly. I think it would do more harm than good.
  13. Tbh, I don't see why you had Fraxel done in the first place. I genuinely cannot see what you were trying to fix. That alone can speak of body dysmorphia, which is emotionally painful as well, but in a different way, needs different kind of treatment, and doesn't really belong in this part of the forum. It will just create conflict here.
  14. Just bear in mind that taking a zinc supplement can cause copper deficiency. Something to be aware of. I myself take zinc, but smaller doses, because of this.
  15. Your skin looks much better As for acne, if it's an option for you, you could try birth control pills. They did wonders for me, pretty much the effect of accutane without the bad side effects. Consult your gyno, of course, I just thought I should mention this.