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  1. your skin looks so lovely now! a really huge difference in a short span of 5 months! am really happy for you! (: At my one mark of roaccutane, I can only hope for sucha result. Just a qns, did you have any stubborn/deep pimple that doesn't seem to come to a head? I have some pimples that I could feel the head at the very beginning, but the use of retin-a prior to roaccutane seemed to have made it go under the skin with a dark mark and I'm wondering if they'll be resolved by roaccutane
  2. Just wanted to tell you that your progress is amazing!! and i think this has inspired a lot of people (me inclusive). And to think you healed up so beautifully. And I have a question, did you have any dormant bumps that were dark/purplish in colour that seemed to take forever to heal/go away, like a bump that you could feel the head but the head started to subdue under the skin after a while without coming to head (if you get what I mean)
  3. I agree with sonrisafingida, your skin looks so much improved from the beginning! hopefully this will be uphill all the way for you. And you have a lovely smile (: Good luck girl!
  4. Hi emchang, I am female asian too! started roaccutane 20mg/day on 24 Sep, so I'm currently ending my 3rd week. My side effects have been moderate so far - dry lips, drier hair and slightly itchy skin (I have a history of eczema) but they have been manageable through the use of moisturizer and chapstick. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress as we're almost at the same stage. Meanwhile, stay optimistic and drink lots of water! (: