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  1. Glad to hear that you're clear again dude! Dan's BP does rock.
  2. Thanks yo! Yes, patience and mother-like care is important. Not homocidal child-murdering mother type care, but the suburban soccer-mom type boo-boo kissing care. Maybe more.
  3. WTF? Anyways, I think your face looks pretty good meng. Dan's regimen owns.
  4. I kind of like the darkness/redness under the eyes it creates, as stupid as it sounds. I think it adds a little bit of toughness/worn down/hardened teenager look. I know, how INCREDIBLY PATHETIC of me. But it's the truth.
  5. Accutane is usually for the harder/more difficult cases of acne. Mild-moderate, I recommend Dan's regimen.
  6. Hello folks. I am happy to say that Dan's regimen is working very well for me. However, it appears to me that I have accumulated a somewhat-considerable amount of dead skin on my face, most likely from the dryness and peeling before I moisturize and mild flaking throughout the day. Anyways, do you folks suppose I would be able to do any sort of MILD exfoliation WHILE on the regimen WITHOUT disturbing it??? if it's going to risk breaking me out, I don't want to try it, but I thought that ma
  7. Acne fucked my social life COMPLETELY. It doesn't help my nose is greasy as fuck. But CVS oil wipes help that a bit. Anyways, Dan's regimen is changing that all. Confidence is one of the best things in the world. I guess I never knew what I had till it was gone.
  8. I don't think Dan's regimen would make you break out initially for more than a few days, if any at all. At least that's my experience. In fact, I've been on his regimen for LESS than 1 month (like 22 days or so?) and my face acne is really clearing up. Pretty much just marks fading now.
  9. These things are pretty elusive. I find that only SOMETIMES will popping one kill it for good. Of course, a mark will be left behind. I got very lucky one morning when I popped one, and it did not come back all red and angry. You must be very careful about these, however. Popping is often a very risky thing, because if it's mistaken for a pustle, and it only oozes a little or does nothing at all, you've got a big, red, angry thing on your face, as opposed to a smaller red lump. I know,
  10. I use Cetaphil cleanser, Dan's BP gel, and Cetaphil moisturizer.
  11. I know I say this a lot, but I am going to recommend Dan Kern's regimen, followed as closely as you can, which means morning and night. You can use moisturizer to help flakiness/overall dry/tightness.
  12. If you want to kill acne, use Dan Kern's clear skin regimen. I'm on day 20 or so and it's working beautifully, not to boast. Red marks usually fade to nothing eventually.
  13. For oily nose/forehead, I use oil absorbing (CVS or clean N Clear wipes) wipes. IDK if it interferes w/ regimen, etc. but I think it's just fine.