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  1. Yo. Just wanted to let you know that I thought you kept it real with your comment in the bad things-good people thread.

  2. wow, what happened with the moderators here lately? they can just delete anything they dont agree with or think is too mean? *death of another good forum* i am sorry for telling you to smoke weed, it will make your brain explode and murder kittens. But hey now you can just still be miserable with your acne!
  3. Hah. Please. The justice system is incredibly corrupt. Most people in prison are products of a fucked up society, not "bad people". Bad people are the people that run this country. Bad people are the many people out there who have everything handed to them, and judge less fortunate people with problems like acne. THOSE are bad people.
  4. Not sure if you remember me, but i'd just like to throw out there that I also quit taking fish oil supplements.
  5. This whole deal is a mess. Acne led to Manic Depression for me, and my life hasnt gotten any better. Possibly worse. Unfortunately, most people that have never had acne dont give a shit about it, so this kind of research, which is very important in finding solutions for any and all of us, seems like it will continue to be on the back burner. After all, we all get some zits right? Just rub some cream on it and stop crying! Fuck society.
  6. You want the real answer? Girls are full of shit and if you live in America just about everyone is very superficial and definitely notices acne. Most people tolerate a little bit, but believe me, they all notice severe acne. And dont like it.
  7. Yep. And most of that simply is not true. People find severe acne very unattractive, and even people with acne do. And no, most guys would not "bang" a girl with severe acne. Its true that it helps to get involved in other activities but for a lot of people that is a very daunting task.
  8. This is cute but unhelpful. Its true that acne doesnt affect everyone psychologically to the same degree. I have a theory right now that acne can actually cause manic depression(aka bi-polar disorder). I have diagnosed myself with this problem over the last year or so, and while its impossible to tell whether I was that way before because its been so long, I doubt it, I was very young back then, and I have a lot of things that point to it developing due to my acne. During the time I had moder
  9. This is very true. The psychological impact is devastating and im starting to see that there may be very little rescources for it. I am post-acne. I still do have small breakouts but I promised myself back then that I wouldnt complain if it ever got to the point where I just had one or two. Then of course theres the whole scar thing. My skin still has countless imperfections that may never go away, but even that I have learned to live with. Its not that bad. But amazingly, I have NOT been able t
  10. I think your being overly nervous about what the admissions staff are gonna think about you, but if thats what you really really think, then dont make it your main focus on the application. Its understandable that you want people to know about your crusade, and its a very good one, but you can save it for later if you think its going to jeopardize your dream. Just keep it to yourself and take it one step at a time and you'll achieve it and wont even have to tell people about it.
  11. did it for a long time when i was young and didnt help. i heard it doesn't even get absorbed properly.