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  1. it is not from the testosterone. Test levels are elevated during weight lifting, but they slowly subside after. It is from the cortisol levels and sweat. Always be sure to cleanse your face after. Also, green tea is a great herbal remedy for lowing cortisol levels. Cortisol levels are raised whenever you exercises...this includes running, swimming, and ball sports as well.
  2. it is a 2.5% BP cream. 10 percent is suppposedly no more effective than the 2.5 version.
  3. thank you inbloom123, i admit that for a while, i was hesitant of using bp. I had some bad experiences with proactiv 3 years ago. Also, it bleached my face. I'm about to visit hawaii over winter break so i was really hesitant, believing that using the neutrogena would make my face completely white. However, the bp from the neutrogena is not affecting my skin color at all. In fact, the slight redness it causes gives me a healthy little tint in the cheeks . im soo glad that it has been
  4. I've been on the regimen for about 1 week and the results are great! Some background- -asian, lightly-tanned skin -acne for 3 yrs -mild first year, severe second year, moderate as of now I've stuck with SA for about 2 years with minimal results. Most of my acne is cystic, but do not result in scars. I've also been bodybuilding for about 2.5 yrs, which has contributed to elevated hormone levels. After 1 week with neutrogena on the spot, ive noticed- -red marks dissapearing with l
  5. jus wonderin, u also over at the bb.com forums? personally i havent had a problem yet with the whey. i jus take it post-workout, and occasionally, for breakfast.
  6. purepersian u r insolent. I've seen ur pics and you dont have cystic acne, so u have no idea about acne and itching. This product is supposed to prevent redness, inflammation, and itching by stopping histamine release to the area. You dont have any redness. Therefore, i suggest you shut the fuck up. $
  7. I was searching up acne around the mouth and i found that is it scientifically called perioral dermatitis. Oral antibiotics help for this kind of acne. HOWEVER I also found this product that is supposed to help for redness. right here http://www.itchstopper.com/dermatitis.html i'm gonna go do some more research on this topic but i think this is something really important we should look into. peace
  8. Oh man :-k I wish i had concealer. I'm a guy, and i dont think theres any makeup that guys can use to hide blemishes. I really hate the ones that are in between the mouth and nose n i wish i could hide em. ](*,) On my progress, no new marks, thank god! / However, theres these two buggers rite under my nose that i wanna get rid of so bad. They are so red . Also, skin is starting to peel after taking showers. Skin also gradually getting whiter.
  9. many many thx sparky! [-o< I'll TRY my best to limit my sun exposure. Im paranoid about getting whiter, especially since winter is on its way here. Its hard, but anything to get the acne to dissapear. Also, what would you recommend to dry up exisiting acne, other than bp, which my skin doesnt tolerate? Currently, im just using the neutrogena salycilic acid wash in the mornings, and the gel sometimes be4 i goto bed. Im looking for something that really puts new blemishes down right a
  10. a few new breakouts that seemed to have stabilized all of a sudden. There seems to be less redness on my cheeks, foreheard, and chin, but theres some stubborn ones between my nose and mouth that im trying to kill asap. My skin also seems to get more fragile at night time, but its find during the day. I find myself waking up with a very oily face in the mornings now, but there is less oil. I just bought some chromium picolinate, which is supposed to help in carb metabolism. Also drinking more
  11. Day 3: Tanned for 1.5 hrs in the sun, even though medication says not to. I hope nothing bad happens A couple new smaller zits are sprouting up but thankfully theres no new red welts. Yesterday, I accidentally got some of the clindamycin with alchocol onto my lips and it burned soo bad!!! I had to wash it out quick, and thankfully nothing else happened. Acne stable as of now, i dunno if im gonna get the initial breakout soon or not.
  12. Day 2: So far nothing has happened. Face got whiter though, which is most unfortunate. No new breakouts as of now, but theres tons of small red spots on my cheeck and forehead, and theres a big sucker right above my lip. Skin is normal, no peeling yet.
  13. btw, my tretinoin is in cream form, and my clindamycin is a liquid dab-on. I will post my progress. peace
  14. Hey guys im male, 6'0", from sunny california. I've been unfortunate to have acne for about 3 years now, and I am currently in my sophomore yr in high school. I have a fairly tan complexion (i am asian) from swimming and tanning. I used to play a multitude of sports, but now i limit it to bodybuilding, which i have done for 3 years now. This yr, my acne is slowly dying down. I started out with mild acne, then moderate last yr, and semi-mild as of the moment. I do have acne vulgaris (sp?) but