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  1. Celparadaa

    Week 5

    I believe I missed a week and this is week 5!!!! I'm not sure what it is , I'm eating kind of the same , I drink more water And I've been using a honey/lemon mask once a week and my skin is pretty clear right now!!!!!! I'm so happy ! If it's the pill or whatever I am very happy, I'm not sure why I have clear skin , I get maybe 1 little one a week that goes away fast ! Whereas I used to get a new one every day , I'm improving for sure and I'm not sure what it is!! But I love it hopefully
  2. Celparadaa

    Week 3

    its week 3 now and here are my horrible updates... the ones I had are going away, but earned a few more pimples and a giant one on my chin and one giant one by my cheek, I feel one coming on my nose and one on my upper lip not sure if its my diet or the pill sometimes... its hard making time in university to prepare healthy meals all the time !! going to change my diet starting this week and see if anything changes
  3. Celparadaa

    Week 2

    okay so I am now finishing week two and here are my updates!! over the past week I had received a few nasty white heads around my nose which came and went, also the typical under the skin cystic acne, just like 2, which came and went away, my cystic acne on my nose went away, the ones beside near my mouth are slowly going away, and I currently just have one on my fore head and one on my chin yay... they aren't big though so that's good!! hopefully new ones stop forming once these two go
  4. Celparadaa

    Week 1

    Hi! Just wanted to start a blog as I am beginning to take Diane 35 for my acne. I have been suffering with acne since I was about 14, and I am now 18 and am finally going to take action because I do not want acne at this age! Or any age really.. I usually breakout really bad around my period, and I know that these oral contraceptives are for hormonal acne so I really hope that it works for me!! So I have lots of blackheads on my nose probably also because I have really oily skin which sucks!