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  1. I do the regimen but instead of doing it twice a day, I do it only at night (and I mix the aha and moisturizer together so I can constantly battle flakes and peeling). In the morning, I wash my face and lightly pat it with a towel; I make sure my skin is damp before I apply the moisturizer so I can seal in the moisture, and so my face doesn't look so parched (because I look like this weird shedding reptile if I just let my skin dry and then put on moisturizer). And then I put on sunscreen so my
  2. I would go back to the amount you were using before. Or add a little more bp but not as much as you're using now. It happens to all of us so it's cool. Your skin will still be red and dry because your skin is still adjusting to the new amount of by but it won't be as bad. As long as you keep moisturizing and stuff, you'll be fine.
  3. I agree with WholeBook. I've been using the Burn Out sunscreen for kids and I love it! It goes on smoothly, doesn't really leave a white mask look on your face and offers very good protection. It's sold on Amazon. And it is best to use physical sunscreen compared to chemical because physical reflects the sunrays on your face while the chemical absorbs it. In fact, a good percentage of chemical sunscreen can be absorbed by sun rays in an hour (up to 90%). What happens is that the chemical sun
  4. I think instead of doing it 2-3 times per week, you should instead do it every night but mix the aha with moisturizer. I would also try lowering the amount of bp and see whether you can stay clear without using as much. I think both of those things could help combat the dryness and peeling.
  5. I agree it does sound normal. Your skin will get worse before it gets better. Be sure to use a sunscreen because your skin will be sensitive from the bp. Also, if your skin feels extra dry, I recommend the cetaphil moisturizer because it is a little thicker and helps deal with flakes better (and you can mix it with your current moisturizer to make it a bit thinner and so you're not wasting either). Just do the regimen diligently, have patience (which sounds like you do, kudos) and keep doing wha
  6. I agree with everyone else, you are going a bit fast with the Regimen. I know it's hard because you want to look great by the time school starts but it's really important to go slow. And besides, even if you do have some spots by the time school starts, it doesn't really matter because everyone tries to look their best at school for the first month; after that the façade of looking good starts to fade, everyone will get tired of dressing up and you'll end up looking better in comparison because
  7. I personally like Burn Out for Kids sunscreen. It uses zinc oxide so you don't have to worry about endocrine disruption and is slightly runny (most physical sunscreens are usually very thick) so it's easier to apply. And it has a low rating on the EWG website.