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  1. Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Sorry it's been a while since I have posted any updates. Anyway, over time the scar became slightly more noticeable once the swelling went away. It's been 9 months since the tca cross and the scar has improved about 85%. One day I might do another cross but as for now I am more than happy with the results and don't want to do anything that could potentially make the scar worse
  2. Just large pores. Everyone has these it's just more noticeable in some people. Facial peels might help
  3. Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday's. I just wanted to give another quick update on the scar. It's been a little over a month since the scab fell off and I can definitely say that the cross was an overall success! The scar did become more noticeable after the swelling went away but has significantly improved over time. The scar has filled in about 85-90%, to the point where I hardly notice it anymore. I am absolutely satisfied with the results and cannot be more grateful to feel
  4. Hola everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update on the scar. One day after the scab has fallen off it's looking great! The scar is pretty much level with the surrounding skin and everything seems to be healing wonderfully! The only thing left is a tiny little cut mark where the center of the scar was. The skin is still pink, which I expect to be for another week or so. I am continuing to put neosporin and sunscreen on it twice a day. My conclusion on the healing process of tca is that it
  5. Hi everyone! Well, tonight the scab fell off and I can report that my tca cross procedure was a success! The scar is completely gone!! Like wtf?!?! The scab formed on Wednesday (2 days after procedure) and fell off today (Sunday). I put both neosporin and this other stuff that the derm gave me, i think some type of sunblock, on the scar twice a day even when it scabbed. The one thing I noticed was that the scab was slightly raised, which was completely different than any other tca scab I've
  6. Hi everyone. I just wanted to update my experience thus far. I just got back from my tca cross appointment. I was pretty nervous to say the least, but I did go through with it. It was a quick and relatively painless procedure, other than a slight sting for a few minutes. The scar frosted immediately with 100% tca. Again, she reminded me that the scar will look worse before it looks better, which is the one thing I'm trippin on... She gave me some stuff to put on the spot to help prevent redness/
  7. Hey everyone. So, I had my TCA cross appointment scheduled in June with Dr. Dobry in San Diego. However, after consulting with her, she advised me to wait until summer is over due to my darker skin tone. I was a little disappointed knowing that I have to wait another 4 months to deal with this sucker. Mainly because I wanted to have this procedure done when I have more off time in the summer. Not to mention, I also got a freakin traffic ticket on the way back! (No front license plate on an inter
  8. I feel your pain. Nose scars totally suck and any sort of treatment on the nose makes me nervous. It sounds like your scar is fairly shallow so it could be superficial? Otherwise, fraxel restore might be the perfect treatment for you since it's not as deep. Good luck with the rest of your treatments, sending positive vibes! I'm really hoping to hear another successful nose scar story.
  9. Yes you are. It actually pisses me off when I'm reminded that there are people like you in this world, unfortunately. Grow up.
  10. lol Would it seem less bad to you if I said it to her in a cute canadian accent? Move on, troll.
  11. Wow.... Pardon my language and I don't mean to be rude, but you're a complete b****. How could you ever say that to anyone? Do you realize how much you could have potentially damaged her, psychologically? Not cool at all.... And I thought our neighbors to the north were the friendly ones.
  12. How long did it look worse after tca cross before it started looking better? From what I've read, it varies differently for everyone. Some people see immediate results, some people see results after a couple months, some people don't see any results, and of course there's always the possibility of the scar worsening.
  13. Ok cool. It's comforting knowing that there is hope for improving nose scars. Again, I appreciate you sharing your experiences.
  14. Thank you for sharing your experience! I commend your bravery for doing cross on your nose. Yeah, I've read that scars look deeper and more red once the scabs come off, which is kind of terrifying to hear lol. Did you use 100% acid?