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  1. Hoping this will help someone, or we can bond and share advice over similar backgrounds/experiences. female, in my 20s have had acne for about 10 years, severe for about 5 years also diagnosed with folliculitis, flares up in summer and almost nonexistent in winter redness and visible blood vessles around nose, symptoms of rosacea naturally oily skin Medication history:Never been on birth control or accutane Tried countless OTC topicals, with no success. Some of the most common, benzoyl per
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    Current situation: flare up of folliculitis on legs and back some (2-3 small) acne on face, but overall not bad redness of face (rosacea still present) scars from recent acne outbreaks (3-5 weeks ago) Other factors:recent international travel very humid environment, different food and sleep schedule than I'm used to, stress of academics extremely bloated stomach, tiredness, skipped period Lifestyle changes to be made:sleep early (by 10 or 11pm at the latest) and enough drink 6-8 glasses of (