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  1. I've found that when I use non-natural shampoos and conditioners my acne on my cheeks especially gets wore. I don't know about other hair products since I don't use many. I think that some of the stuff in a lot of shampoos and conditioners can aggravate acne...I have very long hair that I normally wear down, so I think some of the leftover residue from conditioners sometimes irritates the skin around my hairline and my cheeks. I've just switched back to some nice jojoba oil shampoo and condition
  2. Interesting topic. A few months ago I moved from a samll not very hot town to a big extremely hot city, and it has definitely affected my skin in a horrible way. The air is way less clean and it gets to be 95-110 Ferenheight (sp?) here. I hate it, I'm hoping to move somewhere nice and cold and rainy soon...
  3. How strange! Sounds similar to what happened to me. I tried B5 for awhile a long time ago and it was all okay, but a few months back I started taking a B complex vitamin every day and my acne got worse. I thought that there was no way it could be the B complex since everywhere seems to say how great B vitamins are for the skin. But yeah...maybe it is some sort of allergy, or something in the vitamin itself BESIDES the actual B vitamins that is aggravating the acne. Wow! I could've just figured o
  4. Thankyou thankyou. Maybe it could be a heatrash of some sort, and I'm just lucky enough to get it on my face.(. Now my zits have some company!
  5. They don't look that much different, besides the fact that they're in little clusters. There is a cluster on each side of my chin and a cluster on one cheek. Other than that weirdness, they just look like ugly little red monsters.
  6. Hi everyone. Over the past few weeks I've been breaking out horribly, and the zits have all been this new kind that I've never had before. They're tiny but man, are they PAINFUL, and there are a lot of them. Yuck. ANybody know what these are/how to get rid of them? (hopefully quickly...i start at a different college on Monday and I want to not be too terribly zitted...)
  7. I've heard a lot of good things baout honey. I think I have tried it a long time ago but I don't remember if it worked or not. So has anybody tried it? SOmebody told me to just put honey all over my face and leave it on for awhile.
  8. I second the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It seems to even out the skin tone, clear up those nasty little bumps, and make my skin feel softer. Also, the Clean and Clear Continuous Control with BP in it works well but is drying, and be careful not to pat your face dry with a towel afterwards because there's a good chace your towel will end up with nice bleach stains. I recently quit using BP because I really hate putting stuff that harsh on my skin! Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with wat
  9. I use the oatmeal as a mask, but am thinking of trying to use it as a cleanser and not using the C&C anymore. The C&C COntinuous Control seems to work well, but I don't like putting the harsh chemicalness of it on my skin. Or maybe I should stop worrying about the harshness of BP and just be glad that it works at all... You could use tamato juice as a cleanser. apparently it has lots of good astringent qualities. Also you could fill up the sink with apple cider vinegar and water and just
  10. I have lots to say on this thread...my mom used to work at a health food store and is very natural-ways savvy, and surprisingly, a lot of her methods and ideas seem to work quite well. I use Apple Cider Vinegar undiluted as an on-the-spot treatment and it works very well. I also use 1/3 apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water, a little bit of rosewater, and a few drops of tea tree oil as a toner, and it works wonders. It helps reduce acne and red marks and also helps to restore the level of ph in the
  11. People tell me I'm gorgeous all the time, but they really must not be looking closely. I've got the whole cute body/super long blond hair/blue eyes thing going on, but I think my spots and acne look horrible and totally demure any cuteness I might have:-/ The comments about the blind chick amused me:-) Just hope they aren't just mostly blind like me or they might think "wow, if I can see those spots, they must look really horrible to the fully sighted people". Luckily I have a cute yellow lab g
  12. Oatlmeal. Quakers Old-fashioned Oats, in the big round cardboard thing or the big bag from Costco.
  13. Hey all, I have heard that cutting all processed foods out of your diet can help reduce acne. I've tried this and found that it does help a little bit, though I've never stuck with it for very long. But since my acne has gotten a lot worse over the past month or so I am going to give it a try again. But I am also trying to gain weight. So does anyone know of some good all natural foods that have a lot of fat in them? Thanks!