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  1. Forgot to mention Vitamin A... I take 10K IU every day or every other day when I eat something w/ fat. If I stray from the diet and eat things I shouldn't, cysts can begin to come back. Vit A has helped get clear again.
  2. After OVER a year of success I wanted to share what worked for me. I'll leave a link below to a post of mine from 2013 detailing my history with acne and some of the treatments I had over the years. This clear skin success has been a long time coming (I'm 36). I wanted to share because... I had chronic cystic acne all over my body for over 23 years Mainly back and shoulders Acne really took it's toll mentally which negatively effected many aspects of l
  3. No I have not. Have you had this done? Once the bacteria is determined what can be done with that info? Yes, my derm finally took a sample last week. She realised it did not make sense that nothing would work on something as basic as a pimple. After 20 years of battle against acne, this is the first derm that finally does that. I'll know what bacteria or staph I am up against. If it is p.acnes, I guess not much will be done as I have tried pretty much everything. Maybe she will be able to re
  4. No I have not. Have you had this done? Once the bacteria is determined what can be done with that info?
  5. I remember being asked if I even washed my skin when I was younger. I thought it was very rude for people to just come out and question your treatment of something that can be embarrassing. One particular person was upset MY skin was poor. I still find it odd. The person who thought they new what was best had great skin and had not experienced what I had been through treatment wise. So it was basically someone playing with Lego's telling an architect how to build a skyscraper. It's tou
  6. I've had blood tests however not related to hormones. I've had one for celiac, one for a bunch of things (lol not sure all the things tested), and another to see if I had food allergies. I've spoken with my primary Dr. and they were unaware of what tests would help. I called an endocrinology office and was told that they only perform acne related blood tests for women. I agree that I think it most likely is a hormone issue but not really sure how to pursue. If I did have a hormone irregular
  7. Despite having 5 sessions of the Genesis 2 laser I don't think I could give a worthwhile explanation of how it works. I think it uses heat targeted at the dermis to decrease pore size, eliminate scars, and give skin a smoother feel. It was very quick and painless. The area that was targeted is better but not to the point where I am confident the treatment was successful. I'm going to wait a month or two before I endorse this laser. I did have a few cysts appear after the sessions in the tre
  8. Update I want to reiterate I have acne on my back. Cystic acne, sensitive skin, and oily skin that covers the whole area to my hips. Some acne on my chest and upper arms but very little… Back is terrible, chest\upper arms okay, face none. Currently I have had 5 treatment sessions of the Genesis 2 laser. These sessions were done on a small test area on my back to compare to the untreated areas. Quick and painless. After the first 2 unsuccessful sessions my Dr. chose to decr
  9. Good suggestions. As an update I've been using the Gold soap and taking the Fiber 3. The soap did a good job of clearing clogged pores however the cysts remain. I don't believe the fiber helped at all. I used both over 2 months. Currently I'm experimenting with the Genesis 2 laser treatment... Testing a small area prior to the entire back to see if the treatment is effective rather than opting for the entire back the first time. I will reply with results when the treatment is complete
  10. I am purchasing this today. I may have tried it however i do not remember. Thank you for the input. Currently I have been using Selson Blue and it worked initially but after 2 weeks acne resumed. I also plan on starting NOW brand fiber 3. The acne\digestion relationship is still interesting. Thanks again and I will update if I find success.
  11. Cheers all. I am a soon to be 29 year old caucasian, somewhat fair skinned male who has been struggling with acne for 16 years. I would greatly welcome any advice\suggestions you may have related to my experience. Below I will list the numerous treatments I've experimented with and my opinion on said treatments. Before i give a brief summary I really appreciate any input and empathize with fellow sufferers. Hopefully karma will come back around for those struggling and I hope my experience