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  1. I had accutane about 4.5 years ago. My redness isn't that bad in the mornings when I wake up (the first 2 pics), but gets very red after shaving. I have very sensitive skin and take longer than average to heal from treatments. (7-10 days for treatments that they say 2-3 days to clear up). Do you think my needling and pen treatment will make any significant difference to my depressions? I am also considering subcision but I doubt it will do anything.
  2. Thanks, yeah this dermastamp seems to be new in the clinics here. I am actually getting 1.5mm genuine dermaroller + dermastamp (1.0-2.0) in the same sitting, the roller all over the face for general treatment and targetted scars with the stamp/pen. It is an expensive professional-administered treatment but I want to pay so they don't make any mistakes. This is what I have in 2 sets of pictures, one is without aggravating the skin (an hour after applying sunscreen), the others are after aggravat
  3. Would you say that e-dermastamp (the electronic version made by genuine dermaroller) is basically as effective as dermapen?
  4. When I look in the mirror, I feel they are as deep as the ones in the google search. Is this a psychological thing, or is it just me? And by improved, do you mean like 100 percent improved? I was browsing this website, and they say that acne scars can't be improved by 100 percent. I feel crushed. Is this true?? If they are deep enough in your opinion, you should be getting the treatment you need. Even people with "moderate" scars should be doing all the treatments possible to improve their l
  5. I found a thread showing someone who used re:pair and got improvement without side effects of dark skin. Before: After (scroll down): You can see that he had major improvement, without any of the side effects of re:pair on dark skin that I keep hearing about. He had extreme scars that can't be faked, and in the after pictures you would still be able to see that severity had he not gotten improvement. However, I have only seen this one example of dark skin + ablative c02 laser =
  6. They all say that, even the ones who are selling treatments that have low ratings on the internet say you can get 95% improvement. The above post is right, the right treatment for most people involves 3 things: - moderate to high intensity procedures - several procedures and probably 2-3 years in total (even the doctors will tell you this) - 20-80% improvement, but you should be satisfied with any significant improvement You are dealing with skin that is otherwise permanently damaged h
  7. I have had scars for 5.5-6 years, redness is still there (varies based on touch, but not completely gone).
  8. Yes, rolling scars are easy because the horizontal area is much easier to "hit". I have moderate boxcars and ice picks and noticed the donut effect (when 3 vials of juvederm were injected), and a 0-effect (which I describe as "nothing happened") when I had 1 vial equivalent.
  9. Other than the obvious requirements (5 figures on multiple treatments, months of downtime where you have to make up an excuse to leave work, risks of darker skin), when do you really go for it? I think most people here tried everything, and are either stuck with scars and not doing re:pair due to fear/money/time, but they know deep down that they have no choice but to do it. In my case I can't do it right now due to having to start work and establish work experience as a new graduate, so
  10. My opinion and experience: the texture of the scars is very awkward in most cases so it is hard to fill it right, it takes lots of skill that most applicators lack. That is not to say that deep scars don't have this problem, but with very deep scars even an unskilled application of filler will fill the deep holes and you have the appearance of partial improvement since yes, the holes are being filled. With shallower scars, the problem isn't depth as much as it is the fine details and awkward
  11. I don't know much about retin-a and haven't started it. Yes, you don't need to show me, I have the exact same problem like almost everyone here. They tend to look passable in the morning (if you haven't touched it all night), but as you go through the day and contact is made with the face, they can get much worse.
  12. Just about everyone here with scars has red-colored scars of varying redness (light pink to deep red). I haven't solved it myself, in my case I was told retin-a 0.1 and dermarolling treatments will do the job. Another thing that helps is not irritating the skin (I have gotten red-der by doing this, which takes many hours to fade back)..
  13. >Photoshop I have had enerjet and juvederm (3 vials), both did absolutely nothing of benefit. The filler goes in, creates puffyness (not even in the right places), and then fades out and a the blood stains from injection finally fade in 2 weeks. Unless your scars are very deep, it won't make any real difference. Not to mention the price. Read: fraxel re:pair
  14. I do have Retin-A here. I'm very sure it works because I tried it back in the 80s. Last year, I've finished one small Retin-A but didn't do a thing. Not sure what I did back then which made it work. I still have another Retin-A and it's bigger. Mine is 0.25%. I'm wondering why I'm not feeling any burning when I apply it. I remember the first time I used it, (80s), I felt that burning feeling. I used it last night and it's been like 6 months ago that I last used it. I didn't feel any burning. How