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  1. spidergirl79

    Oh Great!

    Doing quite well on DKR until just one moment ago I rubbed my chin and lo! A freaking nodular pimple developed out of nowhere. I think its hormonal. Ugh. I kind of want to scream. I havent really had anything major since starting the regimen, just little tiny ones here and there. You probably think thats not so bad and you're right, but it gives you insight into my past history with acne. I stated in my first journal that it started when I was 10 as forehead acne. I got teased for that. As I
  2. I am 100% open to other peoples comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions even if they are different from the DKR. (Dan Kern regimen) So far though, its working pretty good. That big-ass nodule thing on my chin has gone down a lot and formed whiteheads a long the way. When I squeezed the whitehead out it oozed out like hard string cheese, it was kind of gross. Hope it'll be totally gone in another 5 days or so. Its quite small and no longer hard. My chin tried to form two new bumps and succee
  3. Good to know! Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. Youre definitely showing improvement since your earlier photos! Im on DKR too and only in week 1. But my acne is mild, was moderate when I was younger but is now mild. Best of luck!
  5. spidergirl79

    Just A Hiccup

    I know what you mean about picking until you are swollen. I actually didnt even HAVE a zit to pick, I had bought a black head remover tool and was squeezing out black heads and turned a nice spot on my chin into this giant, sore, raw, nodular ....THING that still hasnt completely gone away! OH and what I really like about zits between my nose and upper lip, is that any amount of picking makes my ENTIRE lip actually swell for hours. Its so bizarre, I look like I've literally been punched. Wel
  6. I'm thinking I'll have to dilute the BP. Its drying my skin quite a bit. And I have to be careful not to get it in the eye area! Super sensitive skin man! Not like I get bumps there. Any one using 5% BP got suggestions? Do you dilute it? I cant stand to grease my face up with any more moisturizer or jojoba oil! The skin mites on my face are starting to send letters of complaint about it. I got a new pimple. Under my nostril in the war zone. That is where most of my break outs have been occur
  7. I know, I should dote on my skin and I am but I just couldnt be bothered. I just wish it'd be healthy and acne free with no effort! LOL Anyway, yes we do have public health care, but I've never been to a dermatologist, in fact I've never even been to the doctor strictly for my acne. Kind of sounds crazy right? When I was younger it was always moderate, now I'd say its mild. Maybe because of my personal care, maybe because my body has finally figured out that Im not pubescent so its calming
  8. So the only new pimples I'm seeing is white heads in my nostril crevice (If its called that I dunno), You know, where the nostril meets the cheek. Those ones arent so bad because they can be quickly popped with minimal damage! Other than that NO NEW PIMPLES have formed since starting this regimen. By the way folks you need to be careful when spelling regimen that you dont spell REGIME! LOL I've seen that. Anyway the only problem I foresee is how bloody expensive BP is. I'm a bit relucta
  9. Thank you so much for your replies! Ill check those both out!
  10. Has anyone on the regimen or any regimen or product had ANY success whatsoever with shrinking their massive pores? I have huge pores on my cheeks (fortunately not my whole cheek) and I think they look just...well I dont like them. Please, if you've had any success let me know. Ive noticed since starting the regimen (day 3) my nose black heads are shrinking nicely. Okay so I'm going to say something about them that'll gross you out so here it goes I will warn you first: TMI: When I would
  11. spidergirl79

    Day Two

    Day 2! I did the regimen and I think I'm getting better at being super gentle. No new red bumps but I did get a white head form on my nose but I took care of that bastard quickly. I dont know why, I went from getting ZERO pimples on my nose to suddenly getting them there a lot more often. Usually these nasty whiteheads. Or are they cysts? I dont know the difference. Theyre not super big but theyre not tiny either. Anyway like I said, no new zits to report in the worst zone (other than that
  12. spidergirl79

    Day One!

    My journey with acne has lasted 24 years. I started getting little pimples in my forehead region when I was 10. It was really bad when I'd get one in the middle of my forehead in the fifth grade and the kids would say I had a "Hindu dot" (Actually its a Bindi but thats a fairly rude thing to say either way). Thus began a 24 year long battle of moderate acne, pimples, nodules, cysts, white heads, black heads... Suddenly I became aware that I had these ugly red bumps on my face and I felt supe
  13. I cant leave the house w/out make up. Its really bad because recently my friend invited me over to spend the night, along with one other firend. This was traumatic, because I had to wash my face and let them see my horrible skin becuase my friend insisted we bond over mud masks. I was soooooo embarrassed. Fortunitly, my skin is slowly improving on Spectro Jel and Neutrogena On the Spot BP. Any new zits I get are killed OVERNIGHT. And Im not getting many new ones. Now I just gotta combat the
  14. Most vitamins smell nasty....and if you were to taste them....yuck!