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  1. I actually bought the vichy normalderm moisturizer, its supposed to be matte but its really not. I've almost used up the whole bottle (which really isnt a lot) and it has done nothing for me. Maybe together with the cleanser and night cream it will help you.
  2. A friend of my mom's (she's Pakistani) told me about this but i was too lazy to try it but now i probly will since you've seen results with it
  3. I use Vichy Norma Teint a liquid foundation that has salicylic acid in it so it fight pimples and it has pretty good coverage. The only draw back (aside from the limited color selection) is that it says that its supposed to control oil but it doesn't do that much of a good job. I have to dust my face with powder a few hours later (lasts a bit longer during the winter). But seeing as you have dry skin, it shouldn't be a problem for you. I got it while i was in Canada, don't know if they have it h
  4. you could try the everyday minerals finish powders
  5. I got the mint concealer from everyday minerals and i tried putting it on it looked greenish so i blend it and it didnt really cover the redness, it just made me look lighter and unatural so can somebody please tell me how to apply it? oh and i used the premium foundation brush
  6. what about almay smart shade? I havnt tried it so i have no idea if it breaks you out, but I think it adjusts to your skin color or something like that
  7. how would you describe the smell
  8. Anyone tryed the coach fragrance? I coulndt find the review on makeup alley so I thought maybe someone here has tried it thanks in advance
  9. I want suggestions on a primer that wont make me break out