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  1. 4 months in Hair is 95 % pre accutane levels Skin is 70 % as oily as it was and i've had a few whiteheads Hopefully i wont have to take a second course. Accutane is the best drug out there, seeing as how nothing else worked for me, i've said it once and i'll say it again Accutane ROCKS!
  2. Uhhh crap my derm didnt give me crap after my treatment and i have like 2 cysts right now (1 week after finishing course!)
  3. yea i just had a new pimple today and my treatment finished a week ago :s. Looking from where i came from i'm not so upset
  4. I just finished i'll keep updating this thread to see if it goes back to normal, my hair got much drier (perhaps thinner but it was already thin but full and wavy) I've tried, treseme, pantene, and dove all 3 conditioners made my hair fall out then when i just shampooed (measured by the hair left in the drain) so i blamed it on conditioner period. I used pantene shampoo and conditioner which made it nor fall out as much
  5. Accutane has saved my life. I used to have 4 - 6 huge cysts and my whole face was littered with white heads or red bumps that are left when white heads go away. I have no active acne now, I still have tons of marks and a few acne scars but i've never been happier. My confidence has sky rocketed also It took accutane over 3 months to start working for me and i had an initial breakout that was hell. I'll go through what you'll need to get through your course other people that have been through i
  6. males get it immediately Ipledge sucks ass ... 1/2 the pharms here dont even know how to use it.
  7. Every bit of confidence i had built over the last 2 months got shattered today. My acne has cleared up amazingly thanks to accutane. (I had several huge cysts and 20 + white heads if your not on it yet GET ON IT!). but now my lips are completely destroyed. Aquaphor did nothing, chapstick did nothing, I am using dr dans cortibalm and it helps a bit but my lips are still extremly chapped, they bleed at times and look swolen and messed up. My uncle came over today ... f***er was like, "did you ge
  8. I dont think thats possible and i REALLY hope this gets sorted out. solutions: Internet ordering going in with a ski mask and taking all the accutane i can ... need my fix dammit!
  9. yes you can keep high reps (8 and up) and great form. I messed up my knees and my joints click now but i was on the 5x5 and doing low reps. I do high reps and am giving my legs a rest for a while
  10. I was at the pharmacy for 2 hrs ... MY doc is a lazy ass 70 year old who works at 10 different hosipals once a week I did call the insurance i yelled at them for like an hour ... they didnt fix it and said the doctor had to fax them something Last time they had to do a price change at walgreens because one pharmacy didnt have it and the other did so when i went to pick it up they charged twice and did a price change i think thats the problem my insurance proverbly thinks my course is over or
  11. They always manage to f*** up my order. I went to the doc on thursday. Went to the pharmacist today. I have humana as insurance and caremark as my prescription plan. I was authorised through i-pledge but not through my insurance . I have no idea why they say my authorization ended on thursday. The doc put the ipledge thing through for authorization ( i know i was there). does he have to fax something else every other time? I have had it for 4 months and every time there is some shitty probl
  12. I'd say no your skin is very fragile at this time and you wouldnt want to use any chemical agents to peel your skin ... you'll "peel" enough, id say gently take a washcloth when you first get out of the shower and wipe away dead skin.
  13. @Supercell- w0w post a reference please. Asking how tane works is like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop ... noone will ever know