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  1. I've used it for a while (going on 4 months) and have found it to help quite a bit . Only downside is it's expensive :/ I'd say I went from like 10 to 15 pimples on my face at once to about 5. So I'm still getting some but it's much more managable. Still looking for something that can help with the scarring I still have
  2. jj420

    My fav!

    My fav!

    Light non-cakey Mary Kay is my go-to powder foundation. I love it. And I have sensitive skin so that says something.
  3. This stuff seems a little to scary to use on my face, I'd def be weary of anything that's sold in hardware store that you put on your face :/
  4. Doesn't break me out :)

    Moisturizes Protects against sun Doesn't break me out Been looking for a moisturizer/sunscreen that does not break me out. This one seems good so far. Been using it for about 3 weeks and haven't noticed any extra breakouts at all. I'll definitely recommend it to people with sensitive skin looking for a sunscreen/moisturizer.
  5. You can overdose from taking too much vitamin D. How much Vitamin D would you have to take to overdose?
  6. I'm taking a supplement right now that has Vitamin D in it, working well, but maybe I will try supplementing with extra vitamin D like your saying.. Anyone out there had any bad reactions from taking too much vitamin D??
  7. I also feel like birth control actually helps regulate my acne. I've stopped using it for certain periods and I always break out whenever I do. But I like to stay on it anyways as I am sexually active and don't want any unplanned pregnancies lol
  8. Anyone know what the science behind milk causing breakouts is? I'd be curious to find out. I stopped drinking milk just because I'm not into the taste anymore but come to think about it, my acne has been better since I stopped :/
  9. Clear for the most part :)

    Face not as bad Got a free bottle Expensive I've been taking clearetto for around 2 months now and I have seen some definite improvement. It's not a miracle cure, but the number of pimples I'm getting has dramatically reduced. No complaints here :) The only thing that sucks is it's kinda expensive :/ Oh but I sent in my before and after pics and got a free bottle. Woot woot!