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  1. Has anyone ever heard of or used Dr. Eric Bernstein out of Marlton, NJ? He is supposedly good in smoothbeam and before I lay out the 150 consult fee (which is applied towards the 1st treatment), I wanted some feedback. Also, please help with any feedback about smoothbeam and enlarged pores and acne scarring on the nose area. Does it work? I am desperate!! These pores keep getting worse and every month more come out the older I get. thanks!
  2. On the nose--it can't be any worse than that!! You can't hide it (like on the forehead) and it's on the middle of your face.
  3. I'm considering smoothbeam since I don't know what else to do. The older I get, the more large pores start appearing on my nose because of clogged pores. I'm now using Retin a micro, which has helped slightly and have had a photofacial (which has not really helped). I also have redness around the sides of my nose and some brown spots on my face (which don't really bother me). I'm scared to try the smoothbeam and am wondering how it has worked, SPECIFICALLY on the top of the nose for enlarged