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  1. Hi Today from london drugs i got this Kiss My Face Peaches n Creme moisturiser. It actually has 4% Alpha Hydroxy in it. Anyone else used this? I find the C's The Day one amazing, it is all natural ingredients..
  2. Hi i am currently visiting Canada.. And we have very limited products to choose from. At the moment my skin is really really really dry .. & jojoba (which usually works) isn't. This cold & dry climate in West Canada is really getting to my skin. Today i purchases Kiss My Face all natural ingredients moisturisor. I am hoping that will help. I am currently simply using 2.5% bp (Benzac) from back home. What are some suggested products i should get? (P.s. London Drugs is amazing, i got E
  3. well i think so.. it has prevented any new pimples. plus when the after photo was taken, i was going through my menstruation period. so, i think it's pretty good. with makeup i looks like i have perfect skin. before: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/xmollyx/skin1.jpg after: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/xmollyx/skin2.jpg
  4. yes basically it's pretty good !! and i think pretty cheap??
  5. Hiya, I was on the bp regimen however i found that it just.. i don't know didn't seem to work as well as i would of liked.. looking back i now feel as if it just seemed to form more individual pimples then i would usually get normally without using the bp. i have very very mild acne, probably one or two pimples max in a week.. instead i seemed to get more.. and then they'd get the typical purpley reddy marks after.. so i decided to stop using bp.. as i read it slows down the healing process i s
  6. Hi, I live in Australia, and aspirin is the soluble headache tablets you take correct? products and brands are different here, so i am slightly confused as to what to use.. my father takes them for his migranes.. and all i could find was the Panadeine Rapid Soluble tablets.. the ingredients are as follows:
  7. i use the intensive care stuff it has vitamins a c and other stuff and elasticin or something it doesn't cause me to break out at all.. ad any red marks are fading ..
  8. personally, what worries me is the fact that ones body will therefore become dependent on this bacteria fighting cream. and thus cease to do this "fighting" itself. i was on proactivs bp when i found out about this Regimen. so i used it like is said for about a month - things were ok, then went on finaccea, (the chemist lady said it is less drying than banzac [2.5% bp]), once that finished i tried benzac which is much better until it was finished - for a month & a half.. i do understand th
  9. i used finacea i used it in the same way as bp - i.e. use a lot in application i found the first time i used it (i decided to change from bp to this stuff.. because the lady at the chemist said it was better that benzac, and less drying) the next day - after using it the night before and that morning - my skin just peeled completely off.. at school my make up looked absolutely ridiculous. so i was slightly wary using it that night.. however i moisturised and it was fine ? my make up looked a lo
  10. Eep that is ridiculous i live in Sydney and got mine for like $10 prices increase depending on how my Bp is in it. however i do not use it anymore.. a) because i ran out and b) because i only have red marks no active spots.
  11. yes yes i wasn't sure what it would be called scar was the first thing that came to mind - however not permanent ha. so what does it look like? any photos?
  12. Ok, so question.. all over i have seen people speaking of scarring that is a redd-ish colour and it is suggested to use AHA to speed up the process of it healing.. will someone please show me what this scarring looks like? as i am not entirely sure. thankyou xx
  13. Err - isn't Brandy simply trying to give her opinions and advice? this is what a forum does, correct? Plus i agree; over washing is simply irritating regardless of your skin texture, type whatever. It's like with your hair - one is not "meant" to wash their hair once or more than once a day, for it washes away the natural oils the body excreets to maintain your hair. Likewise - your skin excreets natural oils, for the well being of your face, body etc.
  14. If you notice it says "No. 1 SELLING acne .. " whatever. not the number one actual product. all that tells you is it is bought a lot by those who want their skin fixed.. but like many have said, it's a matter of the person.. and how it complies with their skin. differs from person to person. but the safest bet would be to stick with Dan's.