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  1. VitalMoon

    Differin Gel 0.1%

    Sometimes Differin can take 6 months to a year to see full results. Also Differin will purge your pores by bringing all the microcomedones to the surface and causing you to have an initial breakout. However, you know your skin better than I do so I think you should bring this all up to your derm, such as if you think it's not just an IB and it's worse than that. I just want to point out these, I've been on Differin for about 4 weeks now and I've been getting an initial breakout as well so it's n
  2. VitalMoon

    Problem Sticking To Treatment Plan

    Oh no like an actual physical calendar in my room.
  3. VitalMoon

    Problem Sticking To Treatment Plan

    Hehe that's a good plan, I've written it on my calendar but I get nervous when people look at it but oh well, gotta do what you gotta do!
  4. VitalMoon

    Not Taking Off Make Up At Sleepovers?

    Thank you! I've skipped about three days(not in a row) because sometimes I get really tired and forget to do it and I just get worried that it'll ruin the whole thing.
  5. Thank you! I'm really self conscious because a lot of the time my hyperpigmentation is much worse than my acne.
  6. Oh okay, it's been really touch avoiding dairy though! It's in literally everything.
  7. If I go dairy free to reduce acne breakouts, can I still drink almond or soy milk?
  8. Is hyperpigmentation permanent?
  9. Hello, I was just wondering what was the difference between scars and hyperpigmentation, and how to tell which ones you have?
  10. VitalMoon

    Not Taking Off Make Up At Sleepovers?

    Oh no I'm not on the acne.org regimen, I'm on a prescription. And my bad instead of weeks I meant days. I just started my prescription plan last week and I'm scared I ruined it. I put on makeup at about noon and didn't wash it off around 7 P.M the next day.
  11. I'm on a prescription regimen of applying clindamycin phosphate every night and Differin every other night. A few weeks ago I slept over a friend's house and was too embarrassed to take off my make up, so I slept in it. Will this make me break out AND totally ruin the regimen?
  12. I just started a similar regimen my derm gave me, but I have a clindamycin phosphate sort of liquid/gel that goes on nightly, and then Differen for every other night for the first two weeks and then every night after. I'd suggest using the pea sized amount and following your doctor's instructions because from what I've heard retinoids are pretty strong when you first start off. They can make your skin dry and your skin needs to get used to them, so that's why you need to use a little bit. I'm th
  13. My dermatologist gave me a treatment plan, but the problem is that I am awful at keeping up with a skin regimen! I can hardly remember to wash my face everyday and at night sometimes I'm so tired that I forget to wash off my make up. How can I remember the plan? It's a bit complicated such as applying a retin-a every other day. Any advice for sticking with your regimens?
  14. My doctor gave me a prescription plan that is as follows: I wash my face, and then apply clindamycin phosphate topical solution daily. Then every other day, I apply a retin-a called Differin for two weeks, until I'm eventually applying this every day as well. Has anyone else had success with this treatment plan?
  15. VitalMoon

    Red Hair?

    Eeek. :/ Well I really love the red so I'll keep it, and I mean my face is red so whatever redness will still be accentuated haha.