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  1. drumn24seven


    Aloe doesn't clog pores right? I use 99 percent ALOE VERA gel from Trader Joe's.
  2. drumn24seven


    I found that at night, after putting bp and moisturizer on, if I load up 2-3 layers of aloe it shrinks every single pimple and redness doesnt exist the next day. i've been doing it for 3 days and I'm essentially clear! I have mild acne with oily, yet dry skin.
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    Persistant B.S.
  4. drumn24seven

    Hot Water Dip Regimen

    well two days back on dans, and my face is clearing up. guess it wasnt right for me
  5. drumn24seven


    oo la la haha thanks everyone
  6. drumn24seven


    Im traveling to australia soon and I was wondering if there were any experienced flyers who knew if it was ok to bring dans' BP and other supplies for the regimen, because someone told me that you had to pack everything in 3 oz clear bottles, but I think that was only for carry on bags. Im pretty sure you can put whatever you like, except weapons, etc of course, in your suitcase...anyone know?
  7. drumn24seven

    Hot Water Dip Regimen

    This is my 4th day, which the author considered the "trial period" of doing the hot water dip. I went into it during a really, possibly, my worst breakout. There has been some improvement, including extreme drying out of the marks, but since ive been doing it, it seems to have brought more out with it. Does anyone know if this regimen causes an initial breakout. It kinda makes sense to me since it's essentially purging your pores, but I dnno. Face looks pretty bad right now, but Im keeping in mi
  8. drumn24seven

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    For no reason I had an extremely bad breakout and none of them were close to drying out, all very small but lots of them, so i decided to stop the topicals and try this, im on my 3rd day and i dont know if its started healing any faster, but the area around the pimples is really red :/ bleeeh i hope things turn around after these dry out
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    Hi, ive been using lac-hydrin five as my day and night moisturizer, and at first it was like a miracle, smooth skin, etc, but now after aa month or so things have gotten worse it seems...Im not sure if its good to be exfoliating with lac-hydrin everyday, night and day...any suggestions? and if so, what moisturizer would be a good alternative? thanks
  14. I was wondering if lac hydrin five would be good to even out skin tone...anyone know??
  15. drumn24seven


    Do AHA moisturizers help with scaly redness?