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  1. yeah its just hyper-pigmentation in my opinion. Like the previous poster stated, apply sunscreen if going out into the sun and let time do its thing. some of mine took months to fade away. Although it really just depended on the severity of the cyst that I had. Currently waiting on two on my jawline that look just like this to fade and sadly it seems it is going to take a pretty good amount of time for them to disappear. Anything is better than the indented scaring I can tell you that for sure.
  2. I cant even see a scar lol. go to the scar gallery and see what really bad acne leaves behind. Buy a dermaroller and see what you can achieve without all the slicing and dicing
  3. It almost look like there is some tunneling involved, it could be hidradentitis suppurativa. It rarely occurs on the face but it does occasionaly occur in some people. The disease usually develops in the armpits and groin area but is not strictly limited to these areas. I only throw this out there because of the trench like tunnels I am seeing on the neck regoin. https://www.google.com/search?q=hidradenitis+suppurativa&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=951&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=is
  4. What is your diet like? all I can say is to stay on top of it. Although I am not a fan of Dermatologists, it could be rewarding to see one in the area that can give you something to apply that would keep the inflamtion and infection down. Do not just shrug it off and accept that this is happening, you want to get a grasp on these skin afflictions before they begin to scar, trust me.
  5. I am currectnly looking into the methalaytion cycle also. Have you looked up pyroluria? I have more of the symtoms of pyroluria but if I come up negative under the simple urine screening I plan to move on to inspecting my methalaytion system somehow. I like to come on acne.org because there is always a new idea on what could be causing these skin problems. If the tests come back saying otherwise I move on to the next thing and start experimenting with that theory. Although I have probably tried
  6. I had low D3 and was given 50,000 iu of it from my doctor from the pharmacy, it helped my mood for sure and my skin color and softness seems to be alot better. It didnt seem to help my cysts/acne much though even after correcting my levels. Everyones body responds differently and I have seen that this vitamin does help some acne sufferes. I still take 5,000 iu daily even though im down here in texas I still dont get enough sun in my opinion.
  7. Yeah I think my most recent breakout could be from taking probiotics and and candida support from NOW foods. I hadnt had cystic activity in months especially in the spots that it appeared. It sucks when they clump in in one spot. Every spot i got the past 2 weeks started as two little bumps and then over the week they would join and become a deep cyst. Luckily most of them cleared up pretty quick but i have one on the jaw/neck/ that is taking longer than the others, its pretty deep under the ski
  8. Probiotics seem to be fine for me although I did start taking some about a week prior to my diet experiment. Right now I am focusing on pyroluria as the cause. I have almost every symptom on the list. Symptoms like crowded upper teeth in childhood, anxiety, depression, fatigue, brain fog, food intolerances, allergies, being a social loner and of course acne, I can name many many more. It causes a defiency in zinc a b6. Zinc supports skin health among over hundreds of other processes and b6 suppo
  9. So I have not been on acne.org as much as I used to here latley mainly because of a hectic schedule and diet routine. It seems that up until the last week I was completley cyst free for a good 4 months which felt quite good for a change. Although I still had spots here and there they were not cysts and helaed quick. I decedied to try and give my diet and everything a break for a couple days which resulted quite badly I must say. The MOST important factor that is back is that I developed a cyst
  10. Im sure it could aggravate it, just not exactly cause it. Let us know what you find out though.
  11. I have been in this same position for almost 9 years, it started with one infected follicle and now it's just crazy, everything you are doing seems to be right so there is not much advice I can provide. The scarring is what scares me the most. Right now if you look on the message board and find a post about staph in nose causing acne like lesions you might find some more info there. I have literally tried everything, this is my last hopeful attempt of clearing this by applying ointment in my nos
  12. It really depends on how inflamed each cyst becomes, and the areas that they are located. I can get terrible cysts in areas like the jaw or forehead that will not scar at all, but I can also get very small lesions that will scar regardless, especially on my cheeks. I would say keep your diet clean and make sure you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals to help in the repair of the damaged skin. Also, the more inflamed a lesion becomes the more of a chance it will scar as a crater, so you
  13. No but I'm about 1 year post excision on two spots. Only one of which I think I can make better by needling, the other may be able to be corrected further but I plan to see how other scars respond before I jump into that whole ordeal, I think lasers could fine tune a bit but I just don't have the money to throw at that right now.
  14. This is interesting information here, one dermatologist I went to five or six years ago wanted me to try this method inside both of my nostrils, back then I had very bad cystic acne along my jawlines. I remember when I did this a lot of the boil type lesions I had began to drain without me having to apply pressure or give them any kind of attention. Right now I have breakouts only on the right side of my face, which is the only side I have been sleeping on purposefully. I always wondered if it w
  15. I know people hate haring this but it takes quite amount of time for an elimantion diet to work, I have just recently found out that my skin problems (acne and seborrehic dermatitis) are both caused by iriitating foods such as dairy and grains that just wreck havoc on my stomach and intestines. I know that this is the cause beacuse I have had clear skin all my life until I turned 22 and began to have digestive and intestinal pain. It took me about 4 months of eating a a modified type of paleo di