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  1. I dont know but i read somewhere that the pore stretches when its filled with oil/blackheads etc and that it wont shrink back once its stretched. So i try to prevent major build up. I extract and mask regularly. My skin pretty much pours out oil everday so i squeeze each day.
  2. Heres what you do. Work your way into BP. I started by using it every other day and applying a light moisturizer first. After a couple of weeks I started to use it everyday. Then a couple of weeks later i removed the moisturizer. You will get light peeling but nothing disgusting. You will not get burnt or nearly as red.
  3. I have the same problem and I'm so embarrassed when my makeup comes off because underneath is so red. Heres what i finally found that helps. I use Peter Thomas Roth Clini Matte SPF 20. It absorbs oil and reduces shine. Sometimes the oil is still there but it's not as shiny and the makeup isn't off. Then i use a product called All Nighter that i buy at Sephora. It's a spray, you may want to do a final make up touch up after spraying. The two together are amazing. On super hot and humid days i m