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  1. 1. I would suggest using oatmeal as a cleanser. You can look up a how-to video on YouTube, the one I saw was Bubzbeauty & she rocks when it comes to skincare I'm 14 myself & I, as you can imagine, have very picky skin, so it takes forever to find something that'll agree with it. I tried it a while back and it worked just fine, and in fact since I've been having a breakout party on my face lately, I'm going to start using oatmeal again. Sounds messy, but just watch the how-to & see i
  2. I tried drinking green tea for a week or two & my skin looked great...until a few days ago. Suddenly my skin's been breaking out something awful & getting really oily. It's not that time of month or anything, and was wondering what a substitute could be. I love tea in the morning, but I don't know if I'd trust green tea anymore. Peppermint, spearmint, lady gray, oolong...which one? And it'd help if you could list the benefits