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  1. Hey, there, cutie pa-tootie! How was Michigan? No accidents this year, I hope! YOu are looking fabulous. It might be a good idea to get some alpha hydroxy products in your regimen to get rid of the skin colored bumps. I had the same problem when I finally got clear of the active stuff. Suddenly, my face was covered with the white bumps. I actually used Retin A to get rid of mine, but I know your insurance doesn't cover that... Anywho. Good to see ya! I came on here to get some inspiration and you help :D Take care.

  2. Starlogic~You look great, but I know how you feel. You just want it all to be gone, gone, GONE!!! Yes, it's nice that the breakouts are over. But now there are the scars and the red marks and the little bumps. It's not the same as being clear. I hope you get there one day :(

    p.s. It's awesome that you keep posting pics and inspiring people to try the regimen.

  3. Well, hey Dan! You're pretty hot, yourself :( Thanks for your comments. I read the link about Pyoderma Faciale. I s'pose it could have been that, but who knows? Remember, I took Accutane twice. My acne first came on in my mid-20s. The breakout last year was a resurfacing of the evil acne monster. Whatever you want to call it, it was devastating and I could NOT have lived through it without (a) your regimen, (b) the information and support on this board, and © the simply amazing .Org-ers who cheered me on.

    When I went off the regimen, I started a new one. I got a Skin Medica kit from an aesthetician. It has a face wash, a toner with tea tree oil, and an AHA/BHA cream. At night, I apply retin-A micro. By this point, my active acne was calmed down by all the BP and I think that I'd gotten rid of most of the acne bacteria. Now, it's just a matter of training my skin to renew itself properly. The retinols seem to be working well.

  4. Pardon me for saying so, but your new bf is super sexy! I always think it's a good sign when a man wears a watch...and a ring...it shows responsibility in some strange way :| I'm glad you are so clear & confident, AmberLynn. Congrats!

  5. Wow, Star, you look like such a baby face in this picture :| Your skin is all soft and dewy! I hope that the regimen is now just a healthy habit and that acne is no longer a problem in your life. It's been a great journey to take with you, and I look forward to your pictures of 100% clear skin on your chest and back...that day will come!!!!!

    T :dance:

  6. the regimen is ideal for people who have acne above the skin. with your kind of acne that is under the skin, accutane is the right choice. i dont know if BP alone can help you, but its worth a try. if i were though, i would see a dermatologist and get put on accutane right away. it helped me loads, i only get very very minor breakouts after taking it 2 years ago. were only here to help you.

    good luck

    Agree, this girl wont benefit from Dans regimen. Hers is deep and severe Accutane is tailored made for this.

    Don't let people's comments get you down. People said the same thing to me when I first started the CSR. But I stuck with it and got great results. I saw my doctor and asked for an antibiotic, which I took for only a month. I think that really helped with the inflammation and infection. Maybe go ahead and make an appointment with a dermatologist? I wouldn't try to push Accutane on you because I don't think that is the only way to fix the problem. Keep doing the CSR, but please do consider seeing a dermatologist. Even your family doctor may be able to help. Good luck.

  7. You should stick to the Regimen as closely as possible, and it will work for you! I hate to see you in pain, though, so here is a natural remedy that I do not think would interfere because (a) it's just salt, and (b) it's non-irritating. The one and only thing that helped me with the "clusters" that you mention was an Epsom Salts poultice.

    Here's what you do: Go to your local Walgreens or even a grocery store and buy a bag of $2 Epsom Salts. Before bed, after your BP and moistruizer have soaked in, pour about a tablespoon of Epsom Salts into a small bowl. Add about a half cup of warm water. Swish it around with your finger until the salts dissolve. Tear off a square of toilet tissue (preferably white, because dye could be bad for your skin) and a dunk small strip of it in the saltwater. Squeeze out some of the water between your fingers. Then plaster the wet paper to your skin, covering the cluster of pimples. Go to sleep. Let the paper dry on your face.

    By morning the paper will probably have dried up and fallen off. You will see that your cluster is calmer and flatter. It may have even drained somewhat. I have done this many, many times and am always very happy with the results.

    Good luck!

  8. I like Bare Minerals. It goes on really easy. It's strange that you have been using that makeup for 6 weeks and it's just starting to give you a reaction, but I guess reactions can be strange in themselves! I'm glad to hear the bumps are going away. They probably are a bad reaction because they are not characteristic of your particular type of acne. Can't wait to see improvement pics!

    Actually, I think my skin has been getting increasingly bumpier for a few weeks. I also don't think that this is an allergic reaction. I think it's a case of bacteria building up in that weird brush. Or maybe the brush itself irritating my skin. Or maybe both! Before, I used a liquid foundation that I applied with my fingertips. Now, I'm using nothing at all :| Gotta find a light coverage foundation that works....

  9. You people are so sweet :| Thanks for your comments. I think you may be right about the exfoliating, but I'm not sure...It gets confusing when I try new things! Even though the exfoliating helps immediately to unclog the pores, it did make my skin irritated in some places.

    Also, I realized this afternoon that the brush I am using to apply makeup may be irritating my skin. I changed to Neutrogena Sheer Minerals makeup about 6 weeks ago. It comes in this applicator with a brush attached and you just brush it onto your skin. It's very light and looks good. But I could be brushing my skin too hard with it. I dunno...

  10. Lara~I'm so sorry that you have to deal with acne again!!! Hopefully, this 2nd round will help you out. Also, I'm very impressed with your honesty about the relapse. I think everyone needs to know that Accutane isn't a 100% cure-all for acne. And that it's okay to ask for more if you need it.

    Best of luck!

  11. Hi! I'm happy for you that you found the regimen. It seems like your skin is irritated. Make sure that you are washing ONLY twice per day, using a gentle soap and washing super lightly. Apply 2.5% BP, not the higher percentage, super gently. ALWAYS use a good moisturizer and LOTS of it. Most of all, be gentle. Don't overdo it with your skin. Go without makeup as much as you possibly can. I basically hid out in my apartment for a few weeks so that I didn't have to wear makeup. But I realize that not everyone can do that. I work at home :|

    Good luck and keep with it. You will get better!!!

  12. awww celebration. Every time you post a pic I always think how beautiful u are girl. Skin looks like its coming along nicely aswell, stress can be a bitch wen it comes to acne flare ups aswell cant it. I still think ur a stunner tho matey :dance:

    Ernie...you are too cute!!! Yeah, stress is so bad for acne. That's why I try to avoid stress as much as possible :dance: But thank you for your compliments :|

  13. wow your skin has chnaged soo much! you must be sooo happy with the result. I wonder how starlogic is doing with the regimen. It has worked tremendously for you, im so happy for you!

    I found out how to red get rid of redness .. i se Apple Cider Vinegar .. i have been putting that idea off for months bc i thought it was b/s .. but my mom bought some and seeing as it was right there i couldnt resist .. i used it and wow the difference! i made a thread in RedMarks so check it out i have a whole list of what Apple Cider Vinegar can do for you.

    Smashing~I wonder how StarLogic is doing too. I imagine she is doing well and having a great summer! I will read your thread about ACV. Thanks for posting and for being so sweet!

  14. I think you are looking very good hun! Way big difference since you first started the regimen!! I think if anything this site teaches us to be beautiful on the inside and makes us feel as though wwe are not alone. Think about how many people out there don't have clear skin and probably never will. We have to live life to the fullest. If my acne ever happens to come back I am never gonna go back on Medicine again. It just causes a lot of suffering and pain so I am just gonna learn to be happy about myself no matter what. Either way, You are looking great! Chin up! :dance:

    FireGurl~Thanks for checking on me and commenting on my log. It's so hard to just be happy, no matter what. It's hard to accept that no matter how diligent, no matter how good we are about taking our medicine or applying topicals, we will never have perfect skin. But it does help to have people like you reminding me that I have more to offer than just what I look like on the outside :|

  15. i dont see why you are anything other than totally happy with your face!

    you look BEAUTIFUL and ur skin is soooooooooooooooooooooo clear now compared to before.

    uve beat acne :dance:

    acne 0

    Tina 1

    hehe :| x

    Dami..thank you..your compliments mean a lot! Thank you for helping me get some perspective on my skin. Now vs. 6 months ago is very different. I guess it's' just hard to be objective. :dance:

  16. thank you for the comment i sure will check out Clinque's eye cream. So how have u been and ur skin? I hope u dont exfoliate more than once or twice a weke with Jessfoliation bc ir ain into problems .. i found out that exfoliating too mjuch causes you to lose a certian skin barrier which absorbs moisture keeping ur skin supple .. well i lost it and my skin became rather dull and i started getting really dry skin. So i currently exfoliate once a week .. and i must say my skins been improving. I found this wonderful site www.vitacost.com and i just bought Derma E Retinyl Palmitate Gel .. its says for wrinkles but it alsso says its great for oily and acne prone skin .. i hear Retinyl is great for oily skin bc of the Vitamin A. This is one of the strongest form of Vitamin A i have found .. i only know of Derma E, VitaminCure and Green Cream everything else u have to b presrcribes. Ceck out the site .. facial products and vitamins are so incredibly cheap!

    Thanks for the info! I checked out the site and you are right. They have great prices. I'll be checking on you to find out how the Derma E Retinyl Palmitate Gel works out for you. I haven't been Jessfoliating much lately because I am traveling and can't find my brush. I have another little brush, but it's too hard on my skin. When I was Jessfoliating every day it made my forehead and chin break out in a million little bumpies, so I started to just exfoliate my cheeks, where my clogged pores are worst. Anyway, for now I am just doing the straight regimen with no other products except my undereye cream. It's the easiest routine to keep up while I'm on the road :|