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  1. I've been doing well with taking my supplements. I am taking Centrum multivitamin, also Evening Primrose OIl capsules (1000 mg). I plan to go up to 2000 mg of EPO. I'm also taking 1 Fish Oil Capsule Daily. Started drinking a glass of V8 juice with a scoopful of powered greens yesterday.

    My Skin Medica toner is gone. So now my daily regimen is:

    AM: Cetaphil bar wash, 15% AHA/BHA cream

    Makeup: Bare Escentuals

    PM: Skin Medica face wash gel, Retin-A micro

    I only have one tiny tube of Retin-A micro left so I might have to switch to something else. I'm considering ordering Green Cream. I wish I could get away from topicals, though, if truth be told. I guess I'll decide in the next few days...

  2. I am posting pictures mainly for my own record. But feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Notice all the red spots on the right side of my face? Those are not pimples, or at least not like any pimple I've had before. They are just red spots, without being raised or filled with any pus. Sometimes a few of them to fill up, but not often. I'm perplexed. The worst part is all the closed comedones near my temples and on my chin. It looks like a plucked chicken!!!

    Also, I'm a little flushed because I just now washed my face and applied the AHA/BHA cream. I wish my face skin looked like my neck!

    Side 1 Side 2 Front

  3. Arrrrrgh...

    Okay, so, I'm disappointed in this regimen. I've given it several months now and it's not working. This is what I've been doing for the past few months. It's not exactly what the esthetician ordered, but close.


    In shower, wash gently with Cetaphil bar.

    Pat dry and cleanse with Skin Medica Toner (with tea tree oil)

    Apply 15% AHA/BHA cream

    (occasionally, I'll have a breakout and I'll switch to BP for a few days. Not often.)

    Sometimes if my skin seems dry I'll apply the Skin Medica facial moisturizer with SPF, especially if I'm going out in the sun without a hat)


    In sink, cleanse with Skin Medica facial cleanser

    Apply Retin-A micro

    Makeup: Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals

    (occasionally, I'll use Maybelline if I'm in a big rush to get out the door. Not often.)

    I thought my skin would look much better by now, but it doesn't. Also, I'm almost out of the retin-a micro and don't want to spend the money to go to a dermatologist. So, I would like suggestions about what I might use as a replacement.

    So, today I'm going to start some internal stuff.

    Don't laugh, but I'm trying the Oil Pulling method. I tried it this morning and it was kind of pleasant.

    I'm also going to take Fish Oil caps, get back on my daily multivitamin, and Evening Primrose Oil capsules.

    I'll start posting regularly again, too. That seems to help. Especially when people comment and give me support ;)

  4. Arrgh. My skin is doing so crappy right now. I have fallen back into the trap of switching around products, trying to figure out what is wrong.

    Right now, I have 2 cysts on my left cheek. I have several comedones around my jaw.

    I'm thinking about stopping the retin-a and going back on the strict Dan Kern regimen. But I'm not sure. I don't want to end up with rosacea and a slew of closed comedones again. At the same time, I don't want to have cysts plus red pimples on my face.

    Why, oh why, must I be plagued with this crap in my late 30s?????? It's got me down today :(

  5. Hey there! Thanks for the reply about body wash. I passed on the info. :)

    In return, may I make a suggestion about your workout? For the past few weeks, I've been alternating between cardio and pilates. I have been doing Jazzercise 3 times a week forever, which has kept me in decent shape. But since I've been working out with my Winsor Pilates DVD (which you can get pretty much anywhere) I've REALLY noticed a difference. I mean, my arms look more defined. My stomach is definitely flatter in that area that kind of pooches out over the top of my jeans. Most importantly, my hips and thighs are slimming down. Even my Jazzercise friends noticed the difference without me saying anything! So, if you have the DVD, give it a whirl. It's a pretty hard workout at first, but the longer you do it the easier it gets.

    Oh, and I agree with the last poster. Cutting out a meal is going to throw your body into starvation mode. You need "good" calories to support your body through the workouts. If you have a Fresh Market store nearby, checkout their sugar free salad dressings. Can't remember the brand name, but they do have some tasty ones.

    Good luck! Puerto Vallarta sounds like fun!

  6. Yes, I always had issues with glycolic acid ... the lactic is great, though! I have been meaning to read up on it more. I seem to recall it has hydrating properties .... certainly it makes my skin look wonderful.

    I also use a lactic acid body lotion (AmLactin) and it is great for keratosis pilaris ....

    Hi Lion Queen,

    I looked up AmLactin, hoping there would be a related product in shower gel form. Do you know of any shower gels or body scrubs that help with dry, flaky skin? This is actually for my mother. She just got out of the hospital and her whole body is very dry and itchy. The flakes fall off onto her clothes. (ick) She says she has millions of lotions, but wants something that she can use in the shower. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Hi All,

    Sorry I haven't been updating much. I never went back to the aesthetician who started me on my retinoid regimen. I moved around a lot this summer and now I just don't have the money to keep going back to someone every month. Hopefully one day I will be able to do that because I do believe that the Jessner peel did wonders for my skin.

    The AHA/BHA plus retin-a is working out well for my clogged pores. Albeit at a snail's pace. My skin is smoother, but not smooth. Unfortunately, I have been breaking out in red spots around my jawline. That is a new problem area for me. I've been applying BP to that area in the morning every other day. The other days, I apply AHA/BHA. I think it's helping. I'm trying to be patient!

    One of these days I'll take some more picture and poste them. For right now, I have bigger fish to fry! ;)

    Best wishes and love to all,


  8. Hey Lexy~Thanks for posting. Yep, I've been away from the computer a lot lately due to an illness in my family. Also, my skin is doing very well. I do get some tiny pimples around my jaw line now. But then I just drop the tea tree toner and AHA/BHA cream from my morning routine, and apply Benzoyl Peroxide to the jaw line only. Honestly, though, I think the minor breakouts that I've been having lately are due to my laziness with my new regimen. I'm telling ya, once your skin gets clear, it's easy to forget all the hard work that goes into it. You really have to be consistent to see results. Nonetheless, my skin is looking better than it had in a really long time!

  9. Amber~Thank you so much for being a sweet and supportive friend. I take your word to heart. Thank you :wub:

    Merry Christmas everyone! It's a lovely, green and sunny Christmas Eve day in Florida. I love the weather but miss my family back in Michigan. Thank goodness for having great friends who treat me like part of the family.

    My skin is doing better every day. I am not very regular about applying the retin-a micro, though. Funny how, once your skin gets clearer, it's so easy to become lazy...I will make it my New Year's resolution to be more careful.



  10. You look great, lady! I am so happy for you! What ever happened with that boyfriend of yours, are you still with him?


    HI Amber!!! Thanks for checking on me and for your sweet comments. Well...hmmm. A lot has happened, and yet nothing! I was out of town/state, for several months. We still saw eachother and talked, but I knew that things needed to change when I got back. With my mom being so sick, I have really changed my attitude a lot about life and relationships. So, just last week I moved back to the same town where my guy lives. (He is not here full-time cause he travels a LOT.) So I sat him down and told him that if he wants to be in love and in a committed relationship, then we can still see eachother. If not, then I can certainly understand that, but I can't keep going the way we have been. Our time together is very inconsistent. He also has a son that he will not allow me to get to know. Unacceptable, in my eyes.

    It was a very emotional talk and neither one of us is happy with the idea of not seeing eachother anymore. But I don't think things are going to change with him. He has too much money & time on his hands, too many friends to party with, too many places he wants to go as a single guy In his words, "I just don't want to be tied down." I can't go through all the details, but will say that I do somehow understand where he is coming from. But that doesn't change the fact that my needs are not being met. So that's where we are now. :( It sucks because I really do love him. I just want to be together-together, not kind of together. Ya know?

    I hope you are doing well.


  11. Hi Cam! I had no idea that I was an inspiration to you. Neat-o (my latest word that came out of the depths of my advanced vocabulary!).

    I would LOVE to be able to stay on the regimen, at least partway, like you. BP stops my inflammations in their tracks. However, my skin has become very very very sensitive since I started with the retinoids. Also, BP gave me a bit of rosacea. I still spot treat with it, every now and then. And I still highly recommend it for short-term use. I've come to the conclusion that too much, for too long, is not good for your skin (sorry Dan). Like everything else in the world, BP should be used in moderation.

    Come back for a visit soon, Cam. :)


  12. Day 22: Better

    My skin has calmed quite a bit in the past 2 days. The pustules that seemed to be popping up everywhere have subsided. I'm still broken out along my jawline, but they are not so inflamed. The one near my left eye disappeared like magic! I do have a painful one on my chin but it has a head on it. So maybe if I avoid touching it too much, it will go away like magic, too.

    Thanks to Brandy and Tikvica for helping me earlier this week when I was freaking out. I feel like things are getting better now. My closed comedones are nearly GONE. I plan on posting a picture update on Day 29, since the skin is suppose to renew itself over 28 days :)


  13. Hi Brandy,

    I don't know the answer to your question about why she took me off BP. I do know that the toner that I am using has Tea Tree oil in it, which is suppose to be anti-inflammatory. Perhaps she thought that would be enough. Remember, she saw my skin after I had taken care of the inflamed acne. I tried to explain to her about my breakout, but maybe she wasn't hearing me. Anyway, she seemed confident in this Skin Medica kit, which has a mild cleanser, toner with tea tree oil, and 15% AHA BHA. Plus retin-a micro in the evening. Maybe I will call her and ask her about the BP.

  14. Okay. So I just rinsed off the AHA/BHA from this morning and applied a half finger of Dan's BP. My skin started stinging like crazy! So I rinsed the BP off. I'm going to try to stay calm....breathe...relax. It's probably not wise to stray from the regimen my aesthetician put me on. I'll just keep going with it until I see her again. If it's gotten bad by that point, hopefully she'll know what to do! either that, or I'll just go back on Dan's regimen.

  15. that's ok

    i do my bp in the morning, and diacneal at night

    i really like what bp did for my skin/breakouts and do not want to abandon it, but i still wanted my skin to look good and healthy. so i'm doing both

    just remember not to put bp and retin-a at the same time

    from cosmeticscop.com:

    *Note: Benzoyl peroxide negates the effectiveness of most retinoids (i.e., Retin-A, Tazorac) and therefore cannot be used at the same time. To get both benefits, you can use benzoyl peroxide in the morning and the retinoid in the evening. However, Differin (adapalene) has been shown to remain stable and effective when used with benzoyl peroxide (Source: British Journal of Dermatology, Oct. 1998, page 139).

    Thanks Tikvika! I was actually just reading your log when I got your reply. I apply a AHA/BHA cream in the morning. Is that okay along with BP?

  16. DAY 20: HELP! I'M GETTING SCARED!!! My skin has 5 big active spots in various places. I'm really scared because this is how things started out last year at this time, before the big breakout (which I combatted with the CSR but have never fully recovered from emotionally). I know I am doing some pretty major peeling with the retin-a micro at night and 15% AHA/BHA in the morning. I know my skin will get worse before it gets better. I know it takes at least 4 weeks to get results from retin-a micro. But I'm still scared. Should I try putting BP on the active spots? How will this work in combination with what I'm already doing? I don't want to irritate my skin more than it already is because my skin is quite sensitive. Oh...help.

  17. Day 19: I am very happy with the smoothing out of my skin. I'm also pleased with the skin tone because my skin had gotten very red from all the BP that I had been applying. My aesthetician said that I might have developed rosacea. Whether I had rosacea or not I don't know. But the redness is disappearing!

    On the flip side, I'm unhappy because I keep breaking out in pustules :( I guess this is normal when you start a new regimen? I now have a new one under my left eye, in that very papery tissue area. Also, the one that I developed under my nose a few days ago was really bad. It got big and scabbed and all yellow/green. It was so gross. It's finally healing up a little bit, but I know it's going to leave a bad mark.

    Well, the aesthetician told me that skin renews itself every 28 days. So I guess I will try not to get too discouraged before then. :ninja:

  18. Hi Mary! I'll PM you with more info. :)

    Day 16: I guess I missed a few days. There is not much to report. I was breaking out pretty good along my jaw line but that was all PMS stuff. My face is looking pretty nice at this point. I am scheduled for my first extractions in about a week. Meanwhile, I've been doing a lot of extractions on myself :) I hope this is okay. Usually, before I wash my face in the morning. I will go over my face and gently squeeze any pores that seem to have gunk that is ready to come out. The gunk is coming out VERY easily. If it doesn't come right out, I don't mess with it. Then I shower and cleanse and tone and apply AHA/BHA cream.

    I do have a nasty bump under my nose which has turned scabby. I'm trying not to pick at the scab, but it's so itchy and it moves whenever I move my lips... which is almost constantly :) LOL

    On a personal note, I went to karaoke last night. As we were leaving, this kid (about 15) walks by and shoves a piece of paper in my hand. "My dad told me to give this to you," he said. I looked at the paper, and it had a name and phone number on it. HOW crummy is that? First of all, don't bring your kid to a dive bar. Second of all, don't make your son pick up girls for you. That's just wrong.

    Happy Thursday!

  19. Excellent start to your new log, RoyalRed :clap::clap::clap::clap: It's so very interesting to see your progression. I'm very sorry to see that you have had such a tough time since July :( Youch. :doh: Too bad you hadn't gone straight onto the Salicylic stuff to begin with huh? Ah well. We live and we learn. For me, since I started with a lot of acne, the Benzoyl Peroxide was awesome. But then my acne subsided and the BP no longer helped. Rather, it seemed to slow down my "healing" phase. I'm glad you recognized that it was not helping you and that you found something that could!

    Keep us posted. And welcome to the logs!!!