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  1. it seems like ne type of soap i use dries my face out like hell does ne one know a good soap/cleanser that is very very gentle and mild that wont dry your face soo much. currnetly im using the white dove bar soap and i heard its very gentle but it still dries my face soo much.
  2. iodine has a really bad effect on me everytime i eat high iodine foods i break out the next day. I have mild acne in the winter i break out liek crazy and in the summer im clear as can be but ive juss heard that broccoli reduces ur iodine absorbtion and i was juss wondering if its good to eat allot of it if iodine is ur problem if ne ones knows ne info on this please let me know. and yes as in himura hitokiri battousai
  3. I have read that broccoli reduces iodine aborbtion but then i hear broccoli has allot of iodine is broccoli bad or good. Cause the past couple of days ive been eating high iodine foods seaweed wraps from the sushi so i heard broccoli reduces the absorbtion of iodine soo will ne good happen if i eat broccoli b4 or after high iodized foods heres my source http://www.dietobio.com/aliments/en/broccoli.html http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/b...mal_growth?open
  4. working out doesnt cause me to break out i work out about 4 times a week the only thing i can think of is yes the dirt and sweat thats on ur skin or if ur taking ne supps like protien or something it might be that try to get of protien or whatever supps ur taking for like a week and see what happens.
  5. what do u guys think about this in the summer time its ok to wash ur face mabye juss once a day since its hot out and more humid and its more less likely ur skin will dry soo washing ur face juss once everday shouldnt be bad cause ur face is producing a good amount of oil cause of the hot weather. But during the winter time ur face get hella dry and not enough moisture soo during the winter time mabye u can do every other day or every 2 days but i dunno what do u gusy think about this???
  6. Well i bought a humidifier yesterday and a hydrometer whats bugging me is that the hydrometer says 80 when my humidifier is on at night i put the hydrometer out side for a while and it went up too 90 is the thing right i live in sounthern cali and its avg about 65 degs everyday ohh and the hydrometer is one for cigars is there diff ones out there can someone help cause i dunno if im putting to much moisiter in the air it dont seem like it though casue my wondows and mirror arnt fogging up at all
  7. has ne one tried using a humidfier and does it help and what type did u have??
  8. My acne gets worse during the winter time i hear its becasue of dry skin and the dry skin makes ur skin lose allot of moister. I heard u should get a humidifier but there are soo many out there i dunno which one to get. There are 2 types i see on web pages a warm mist or a cool moister one can ne one tell me the diff between them and which one is better to get. thanks everyone
  9. Ne updates this sounds very interesting i might want to try it.
  10. Well a week past and im getting these red pimples they hurt really bad when i press on them im getting allot near my mouth area what kind of acne is this and is there ne cure for these.
  11. Well for the past couple months ive been pretty clear juss a couple scars needing healing but the past week ive been breaking out pretty bad it came out of no were. Well ive been on b5 for almost like 3 years and it didnt get me completly clear casue even now i still get break outs i also stay away from sugar candy soda ect i intake mabye 5g of sugar a day due to the hidden sugars in foods and it really helped no more break outs. But its starting again im getting these types of pimples that ar