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  1. I hate the car mirror!!! It's the worst!!!! I never look in it except maybe when I'm feeling really brave but then after looking in it I just feel really depressed.
  2. Yeah I know she's still a human being but I'm not gonna be nice to someone who makes MILLIONS of dollars and isn't that great! If someone said something bad about me I would be sad but if I had that kind of money I wouldn't care what anyone said! lol.
  3. Ew I don't think she's pretty at all her and her perfume smells nasty too! And I think those spots on her face are just flesh colored moles. I don't know how she got to be in that movie with Matthew Mcconaughey(however you spell it). He's waaay too cute for her.
  4. I know other people don't really care how your skin looks but I don't want clear skin for other people. It just makes me feel gross and I can't go on like a normal person.
  5. What's wrong with avacados? I love those!
  6. Ok thank you. I checked out makeup alley and pretty much everyone is saying it doesn't have any coverage. I'm thinking of using it on top of my foundation though.
  7. Part of me loves makeup because it makes my skin look almost normal and I wouldn't be able to live without it and the other part of me hates it because I HAVE to wear it. It would be nice to just wash your face and leave the house and wear makeup to look pretty;not just to feel decent looking. When I'm out somewhere and my skin is getting oily I just wanna go home and wash my face and lay down lol. I know that's sad. I don't think my makeup is breaking me out so I don't feel guilty about wearing
  8. Acne has prevented me from: -graduating with my senior class because I missed so much school -going out with friends -having actual conversations with people -spending the night places -getting close to people (physically and emotionally) -taking school pictures lol -getting a bf -getting a JOB ugh and I need one so bad but I can't take a break every hour to use an oil absorbing sheet and touch up and I don't think I could handle people staring at me if I'm working as a cashier or something -le
  9. I went into GNC yesterday hoping they would have it but they didn't. Do you think there is anywhere else I can get it without having to order it online?
  10. My dermatologist gave me this kind called SolBar PF liquid SPF 30. It's not greasy at all and its not really moisturizing. To me it's like water. It's oil and fragrance free and non-comedogenic!
  11. I just saw this stuff the other day. I was gonna buy it just to try it out for fun. I saw it at Target for $8.49 and then at Walgreens for like $11.50. Has anyone used this stuff and how do you like it?
  12. I've thought about using a towel because I hate to keep washing my pillow case. But even if I had a clean towel or clean pillow case I would still hate to put my face against it because I feel like if I'm smothering my face then it's not gonna get any better. I just force myself to sleep without my face touching anything at all. It's hard! lol.
  13. Lately I've been washing my face with cetaphil and then I mix a little bit of sugar with it. It feels so good on my face. I prefer sugar over any other exfoliator I've tried.
  14. That's what I use so I don't know what to tell you but you could probably return it to the store and exchange it instead of just wasting the money.