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  1. That's a relief! Thank you so much for answering. Hope this really works. Fingers crossed!
  2. So I've stopped following the regimen as it was getting increasingly painful even after 6 weeks to the point where I couldn't focus on work. I tried using a lot less, and it did not do anything. The reason I started the regimen was because I was getting cystic acne that was leaving scars. I used to get one every month or so. I was wondering, since I don't get acne very often, and when I do, it's not spread all over my face, if I could use a version of Dan's regimen as spot treatment. I'm thi
  3. Thanks guys. I'll look into the Olay moisturizer. Would 15 SPF be enough when I'm using AHA+ every other day?
  4. Hi guys, I started out using the acne.org cleanser but it continued to feel terrible after 6 weeks of using it. Now I've switched to CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and it seems to have improved all my skin dryness/hardening issues. So I would like to continue using it, but was wondering if this cleanser would somehow negatively impact the effectiveness of Dan's BP? I figure that if I let my skin dry completely before using BP, the BP should work as intended without any problems, but please corre
  5. Hi guys, I've been on Dan's regimen for about more than a month now. I've been following it exactly, and apart from one zit I haven't gotten any pimples in the usual problem areas for the past few weeks (knock on wood). But today, I just noticed a pimple around the eye area (right next to my eyelid), where I have never gotten one before. The only reason that I can think of is that the sunscreen in that area might not have been washed off properly while I was on the regimen. I read that Dan's
  6. Hi guys, I'll be getting subcision for some of my scars and am worried that using BP would affect the results. Doctors recommend that people stop accutane for a few months before having subcision done due to its impairing skin healing. If I understand correctly, BP works by drying the skin out. When your skin adjusts to BP (that is, when your skin stops flaking), is this because your skin learns to produce more sebum in order to balance out the dryness caused by BP, or is this because your s