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  1. hi,can you be more specific how you ended up with more scars? its good for us all to know. Thank you for the warning. Dr Henningsen is really good, ive been to him twice after a very dodgy consultation with dr anil.
  2. hi, I felt that he was quite dismissive of my concerns, rushed (I was in there less than 15 mins but he kept looking at the clock), it's free and was quite apparent it was free. He was pleasant enough, and did agree to see me last minute, I just didn't find his knowledge convincing, so as pleasant as he was I would be a tiny bit nervous of the outcome, I've had various procedures over the years and trying to sort my skin has been hard work, I'm tired of cosmetic doctors and their demeanor, the
  3. Hi BA, thanks for this. Yes I had a free consult with Dr Anil today, very last minute I was in London. I'm glad it was free as I definitely came away feeling less than convinced, I've already had a first tca with Emil and I was really impressed with him so I'll make the journey back to Denmark for sure for another treatment. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi Taylor, I wonder how you are getting on now please? I was also looking at going to Dr Anil. I have had 1 session with Emil Henningsen but he's in Denmark so it was a bit of a mission. I love the idea of going to someone in England, I'm a 2 hour train journey to London. My issue is scars in the creaseof my nose caused by laser burns. They are not super deep more like large scarred pores but very noticeable, I'd love to know how you are getting on and what your after care was. : )
  5. @beautifulambition I think you need to not be so critical about this, people are allowed to write bad reviews as you say not everyone will be pleased, and people who are seeking treatment are rightly going to want to research their doctor, good and bad. The thing I am skeptical about are the real self reviews, realself were fined as they were caught employing people specifically to write bogus good reviews for the doctors that pay them the most money, but they are still doing it. Look through
  6. HI, i feel the same, but having trawled the internet now it's clear there are bad reviews on everyone of you look hard enough, Dr Chu, supposed to be the best in the UK has some bad reviews, Dr Emil Henningsen in Denmark has good reviews but he also pushes laser which I don't want. Do you have an appointment in Israel?
  7. hi there, this is the second review of dr novick that is bad I'm glad I've just read it. I also wonder if bad reviews are pulled as there must surely be more, realself is completely dodgy in my opinion. I wanted to know though please aside from the money side of things, were the treatments really not that good? my scars are shallow down each side of my nose (caused by laser burns so I won't go near laser again) so as they were shallow I was hoping for a more subtle subsicion and filler, I would
  8. Hi, thank you again for your reply, most of the scars are the other side of the crease so not actually the nose itself, more the fleshy normal skin part immediately the other side of the crease if that makes sense. I'm hoping subsicion will give some improvement, but you're right the nose is different, lasers should not be used on the nose. The flight is very cheap from London to israel and a nights accomodation, I figured that would be worth spending to see the best person. Dr Chu apparently
  9. hi, thank you to you both for replying. Yes I hear you that my situation is different. Since lasers caused my issue and then subsequently made it worse when I was told they were the best way to treat it I am very reluctant to go near them again. Dr Novick tells me he has treated the crease area on the side of the nose but with tca as they were ice pick, mine are not ice pick they are softer, and tca scares the hell out of me as some report their scars end up deeper. My concern now with dr novick
  10. Hi Nina, Thank you so much for coming back to me and sorry for the delayed responce, I hadn't realised that I had a reply (thought it would show in an email alert). I've been researching Realself and they were actually sued for employing people to write good reviews as they are funded by the doctors paying them a monthly fee, it's completely corrupt, the general feeling is don't trust the site. So now I'm in turmoil, you know how it is when you feel desperate and you'll hang onto any bit o
  11. hi, thank you, yes I have sent Dr Novick an email a couple of days ago, just waiting to hear back. I am a bit concerned about Nina's experience, but wanted a doctor who a) did not try and push lasers and b) use a the cannular subsision method for more shallow scars which mine are, I'm not even sure they are tethered so should really find that out first. Do you know if Dr Emil uses the cannular method? It appears Dr Chu doesn't. My scars a pits along the side of my nose caused by burns from a vas
  12. Hi Nina, I'm wondering if you can advise or help, I've emailed dr novick to try and get an appointment at his israel clinic, I am also uk based, only because I'd read such good reviews and see he offers the micro cannular. my scars are shallow pits on either side of my nostrils created to burns from a vascular laser, so they ar not acne induced. I do t even know if they are tethered and dont know how to tell, is this something he tests? any advice would be appreciated, I'm at my wits end and am