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  1. 29 years old Male. MORNING SHOWER: Wake up take a shower.wash hair,then body,the use Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser.That's it.Then I shave with Gillette Gel using a Mach3Power razor.Then rinse with cool water.I love their Gillette Skin Soothing AfterShave Gel, Fragrance Free.Then I use some Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15.I have been doing this every morning for a month and have not had a single zit.TIP:WASH YOUR FACE 3 TIMES A DAY WITH NOTHING BUT TEPID WATER!To
  2. I really like the Mach3Power.I just used it this morning. Works great.It really seems more gentle than the Mach3Turbo.I can't wait to shave with it again.
  3. Got 2 C&C scrubs in the shower with C&C BP wash.Plus one each by the sink.Plus two brand new ones under the sink.I don't need to run out! I never break out,just still get a zit maybe once a month.and there always near the chin!grrrrrr.lol I love this regimen
  4. What are some of the women's regimen on this? Botchla's is a man.Was wondering how you women do this regimen?Such as makeup removal at night,I would like to have a women's regime for my sister?thanks
  5. go to a spa and get a facial,they extract your blackheads no matter how big they are.
  6. Just got a spa treatment.got a facial.Awsome every one here should get one.Had a blackhead so huge it had a root.this thing was HUGE. got a lot of other junk outta my face.very cool stuff.
  7. Clearer Skin in days?Lie Reduced Pore Size?Nothing not pills not creams can do this. High Quality All Nautral Ingredients?Does anyone sell low quality? Incredible Results!!?Incredible to who? There have been many studied showing that it is safe and very effective. Show me one study!
  8. No new zits since Feb. 7th on this regimen.I am now starting Clean & Clear Morning Glow moisturizer With all the bbq,yardwork this summer I'll need some sunscreen and moisturizer.So let you know if this is any good stuff.Plus have been doing the apple cider vinegar f.y.i. it's 2 cups bottled water one cup apple cider vingar,I use it twice a day,kinda burns after shaving.been on this vinegar method about a month so I know it doesn't break me out.Seems to have helped with the scars or maybe it
  9. Working great for me clean and clear.Except for one damn blackhead that will not go away.get very few zits. =D>
  10. anyone use these shaving products?there facial soaps seem to have some good stuff?
  11. work it into a white cream in your hands before you apply it to your face