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  1. Umm... I just found our that retinyl palmitate causes skin cancer... Should I stop using the retinyl cream?!?! It's only been a few days since I started using it. (I'm kinda freaking out xD)
  2. So I started using isotrexin gel (isotrexin gel 30g Erythromycin 2% + Isotretinoin 0.05%) and a retinol cream (Retimax 1500 30g 0.25%). What I would do is in the day I would apply the retinol cream then before I go to bed I would wash my face with a cleanser then apply the isotrex gel and go to sleep. Am I damaging my skin by using both of these? There's no damage/side affects that I could see besides the usual initial breakout. But I still would like to know just in case sh*t gets worse! (A