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  1. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: You're too funny, that made me laugh! & thanks LabGirl, I've noticed more of mine just washing away now but I still have a few that to quote FrankieBGirl are "putting ua a raging fight". What is your profession? Obviously you work in a lab, just curious as to how you know so much. My cousin is a lab tech but she's no help, all she deals with is chemo. -Crisco
  2. :lol2: I don't think mine told me either back when I was using that. Is it a prescription? If so does it say on the little patient label? You can use it either. I always put mine on when ever I got out of the shower (no matter the time of day) & I sometimes even used it to spot treat any stubborn spots any where else on my bod or face. It will bleach pillows, clothes, pretty much anything it touches so be careful. Good luck! -Crisco
  3. "Great big globs of greasy, grimy gopher guts mutalated monkey meat, little birdy's dirty feet...." I have young kids, that's the only one that came to mind -Crisco
  4. Look @ you telling people to post pics when u wont No, if she's kissing on you now she's not gonna care because she likes you. I do think I'd prefer big pores over the make-up though. Make-up on guys is kinda weird in my book (unless you're gay then it makes sense) -Crisco
  5. Hi! I'm taking doxycycline (oral) & the clindagel (topical). My derm put me on retin-a micro along with the topical & oral stuff & it seems to be helping, but it hurts, causes redness & peeling (which I hear goes away with time) I used to use a prescription BP that had the antibiotic in it (Benzaclin) I really liked it for regular acne. It isn't irritating & dried it up the acne fast! Maybe if you used that you could eliminate your clindamycin? My acne has turned cystic thoug
  6. Same problem here. My digital camera is pretty decent, but it has no zoom whatsoever. It takes normal pictures fine, but for closeups, I might as well be taking a picture of the wall for as blurry as it is. I was mainly trying to take a picture of it to show the new derm when I have my appointment in a couple days, in the hopes he'd prescribe Accutane. As luck would have it though, all of my cysts have cleared up again now that the derm appointment is scheduled. Hopefully this doctor will jus
  7. Sorry I didn't reply on the other post you made. I wasn't being rude I just didn't know. Hope you find it. Do you have a dermatologist? I'd suggest seeing one before just buying something & self treating yourself. Retin-a, although it's helping me is no fun & they might would prescribe something else for you depending on your acne. Before mine became cystic my doctor gave me a prescription for Benzacline (I think it's a topical antibiotic/benzoyl peroxide creame) but that was some awesom
  8. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Thanks! That's good to know. Did you get the redness & peeling with it? If so has it stopped or how long did it last for you? What % are you using? Yea, it really stinks to be getting this as an "oldie" I already went through it in highschool & I thought that was bad. I'll take the highschool acne over this anyday. -Crisco
  9. Hey, I'd like to see it. Not cause I'm gross just to see if they're similar to mine. Mine usually starts as just a red sore bump & feels huge then over time it gets smaller & that's when I see the "pearl" but yea, that lasts forever & I get the scabby thing too. I think it's healing but never does. Now I'm to the point where I'm psycho with it & want it gone so that's when I turn to the tweezers (which by the way I promise not to do ever again) This retin-a I'm on seems to be thi
  10. Good, I'm glad you found something that works for you. I see you're on the 1% so that doesn't sound bad. They have me doing the 4% & it's strong but I think it's working for me too. Not sure but I thought retin-a was some sort of vitamin A that just peeled off the top layers of skin & somehow removed impurities from your skin & Accutane dried up your oil glands & stuff from the inside out??? I'm no doctor & like I said not sure but the side effects are way different from w
  11. What are your side effects? I think you should put up a pic. Especially if you're results are good. Maybe you could just crop a pic of the acne area & then the area now so you don't have to put the whole pic up????? -Crisco
  12. MAC? Is that fancy make-up? I've only used liquid foundation from like walmart (when I do wear makeup) & thanks for the tip. I always wondered if those little blotting things worked. Is that any different than a papertowel? Just don't get how a little piece of paper can do that much good. Is it medicated or something? (can you tell I don't get out much? ) -Crisco
  13. Great! Leave it to me to get the odd type cystic acne I went to the derm 3 wks. ago think I should call and make another appt? My next one isn't till March -Crisco