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    wishing i didnt have acne, running, music, talking, listening, enjoying cereal and poptart crusts
  1. Most of you guys are saying that acne is caused from the outside when acne is caused from the inside of ur skin, deep in ur hair follicles. Sebum gets clogged from the inside, not on the top of ur skin. So its not like dirty water is causing ur acne, thats like saying dirt on ur face causes acne. Its just that when u wash ur face with anything like water, chemicals, or soaps it slows and pauses ur skins healing and therefore acne will take longer to go away and heal up, since its already forme
  2. i used to think this was my condition. i used to swear that popping everything that showed up on my face was the only way to make it go away. but i realize now that basically, everytime i popped one and it got ugly for a few days, and then healed up, there were other cysts forming, and i kept popping them. it was an endless cycle, and basically, since my face was always covered in either cysts or scabs. i couldn't tell that there were scars. there was just so much other stuff going on all over m
  3. i went to the Derm last October and he immediately wanted me to take Accutane and then handed me this binder with all this information about it. At that time i was completely ignorant of acne and had no idea what accutane was and eventually decided that I really didnt want to take medication. So I just did my own research on acne and found out that testosterone was the major factor is acne. From there I learned that excess endurance exercise lowers resting testosterone levels. So I basically j
  4. opposite to everyone else here my pillow doesnt even have a pillow case and I havent washed it for i dont even know(probably kinda gross) but it doesnt affect my acne at all I even sometimes sleep with my face smashed into my pillow and even wake up with a a crease on my cheek from the pillow(fades away after 10 mins) and my acne even seems to get better at times... I guess my acne is completely internal
  5. I don't have severe acne anymore so in other words i don't get cysts or nodules nemore. I only now breakout with 3-5 pustules and papules. And that doesn't bother me cuz they always go away and don't leave a trace. But I think my skin healing rate is due to my lifestyle as i run about 40 miles a week workout from 2-4 hours a day and drink like 1-2 gallons of water a day along with plenty of Vitamin C and E and milk. And wuts really important to me is that whenever I breakout i know its going
  6. If anyone hasn't seen Elimidate and don't know what its about its basically a reality show where a single guy or girl goes out with 4 ppl of the opposite sex and eventually has to eliminate them one one by one until they choose who they like best. Anyways there was this episode where these twin guys were going out on dates with these 4 girls but the girls thought that there were only going out with one guy instead of two. Because basically every little while or so the guys would switch places
  7. Yes definetly redder after shower but after exercise my skin looks so great and glowing i wish i could always have my skin like that, I guess it must be the increased blood circulation
  8. actually yea its seems that I never really worry that much or maybe I just dont take things seriously enough...
  9. Well basically let me start off by saying Im 19 year old male thats had acne since he was about 15 but its been mild(1-3 pimples at a time) until last september 2005 when it exploded into nodularcystic acne and acne conglobata. Since then it had steadily decreased to about high mild to low moderate acne which it is at now. But it seems that I've always been able to pop every type of pimple I've had and that it is the only way to to get rid of my acne. And that it never leaves scars no matter h
  10. Acne or clear skin is simply just one physical feature on a girl. I mean Ive seen girls with super perfect skin but I still thought they were really ugly and I know this girl that has huge cysts all on her forehead but she is seriously one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever seen. To me good facial structure and eyes are far more atttractive than skin.
  11. If u really want to go on Accutane just switch Derms untill u find one that will prescribe u it. Theres always a Derm that would prescribe Accutane to someone with a a couple of pimples while others wont prescribe it to someone with cysts and nodules. So just keep looking for a Derm that'll prescribe you it. I would stop wastig my time with antibiotics and other meds. Or you can try the B5 method, cuz its worked great for me I only get a few pimples now compared to having 20 or so before I t
  12. So Necromancer you started at about 155 pds at about 12.2% bodyfat. That means that you had about 19 pds of fat. And now you say you weigh about 186 pds at about 21% bodyfat. This means you have about 39 pds of fat. So it looks like of the 31 pds of weight you gained only 11 pds are of muscle and 20 pounds are fat. Which I would say is very unhealthy... I would consider cutting your calories or at least less fat...
  13. alcohol lowers ur testosterone levels and less testosterone means less or no acne for most ppl....
  14. Exactly... When I was doing Cross Country I remember the coach telling us its a idea to bring bananas and crackers to eat after our run to make sure we replaced our minerals that we loss through our sweat after excessive running. Since water by itself doesnt contain any potassium or sodium...
  15. lol .... ^at everything above^