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  1. that's what my sister does on her face. just cleaning it with water & her face is zit free. plus i have a fren who just use water to clean her face & she too is zit free. hmm...there are already 2 living proof that i've seen, wondering should i give it a shot...
  2. Just visited www.zinckit.com to read more info on this product. anyways, since this product is mainly for eczema, do you apply it on the area which has acne too ?
  3. Does EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) work on acne prone skin ? i've came across a few articles on EPO & seems like it does help to treat acne problem. anyone who had their acne problem cured after taking this EPO ? thanks.
  4. hi hayantoki, what's a korean's diet like then ?
  5. noticed that Koreans usually have a fantastic complexion - acne free. wonder what't the secret behind it ?
  6. hi there, does Benzac Ac 5% cause scarring ? as what i heard from some of my frens, Oxy does caused them scarring after using it.
  7. hi there, why don't you consult your dermatologist ? btw, isn't this product a restricted product ? what i mean is that it can only be prescribed by doctors.
  8. Hi there, has anyone suffered from acne & ezcema at the same time ? it's really terrible & difficult to treat as the areas with ezcema is dry which needs lotsa moiturizers & with my acne-prone skin is really difficult. Anyone who'd experienced this before & mind sharing ? Thanks.