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  1. I have vitiligo (not sure if its that or halo-levus) but basically have two small circular depigmented spots on my back. They havent spread from their current position since i have had them (13 years). But i really want to go on accutane to clear my acne but read one report that an individual developed vitiligo after using accutane and am scared that if i go on accutane my vitiligo will spread (even though I might not even have vitiligo in its strict sense). Does anyone have any experience wit
  2. Hm, to be honest I havent used moisturizer unless i really had to. Which was once in a great while. Think this could be my problem? If so, how do you use olive oil and so it helped your skin turn from pinkish to normal?
  3. Uhm, I dont know..probably about 3/4 a finger on full face.I started with the recomended amount, but that was a long time ago. Since 1 1/2 week ago with only applying it around my mouth, I still havent seen much of a difference in the rest of my skins redness. Is there a general time frame? I am scared that i will be like this forever.
  4. How long post-bp use on full face until the redness subsides? I have used bp on entire face fore awhile and it makes my face red, especially towards the end of the day, so I have since (1 1/2 weeks) been just applying it twice a day where i get zits. Which is just around the mouth area. So how long until the rest of my face goes back to normal color? THANKS!
  5. As the topic title suggests...what size of differin gel should you use to apply to whole entire face? The directions just say thin film, does this mean like the size of pea or..? Thanks everyone!
  6. Hey, I have mild acne and have been using DKR for awhile and I am fine with how my acne is, however, I dont like how red my face gets and it just feels irritated all the time. So, my derm prescribed my differin, along with doxycycline since my shoulders have a few postules (which i dont care about), but anyways, did anyone have any problems with redness (on face) when using differin at the correct amount that should be used? Thanks!
  7. Maybe im not rubbing it in enough...how far do you rub it in? Until it is almost impossible to rub in anymore?
  8. I was wondering if anyone else gets kind of shiny skin while using BP. My skin isnt oily at all but when i use the BP in the morning my skin has a shine to it. Anyone else like that or know of how i can stop the shine...Thanks!
  9. Thats not entirely true because alot of people dont get redmarks that turn into brown marks. Theres alot of stuff in this forum you can try that have had aqaquate success for some individuals.
  10. Yeah, I have no idea what they are. Sounds like a good idea but I cant try if i have no idea what they are, lol.
  11. Does microdermabrasion actually help for blackheads?Especially on the nose?
  12. You should use jojoba oil the next morning as well when you wash not just as night. Also you could give Lac Hydrin a try, im using both of those so if you have any questions let me know.
  13. To be honest, i was on retin-a .025 as well and although it kind of cleared up my active acne, it did nothing for redmarks. Alot of people on these boards say it should help redmarks but in my honest opinion it doesnt. It would make sense for retin a to work because of what it does but the redmarks still lasted. I have been using baking soda and acv regime for about a a week and have noticed pretty good results so far. Hope this helps!
  14. How much BP did you end up using? Also, you could try Aloe Vera at night which really helps redness. My redness pretty much went away after about 2-3 months. At the 3rd month it was still a little red, im not sure how red yours was/is, so i started using egg white masks, and the baking soda/acv regimen. This really made my skin all the same color and redness completly subsided. Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything.