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  1. KT. If you've tried different things to treat your constipation and still you don't get favorable results, Go to this thread that I started a month ago and it will make a huge difference. It will definitely help improve your constipation problem. Constipation Help thread
  2. I agree with you to some extent. But you've made some good and interesting points.
  3. You're right. It has to do with a person's integrity. However, I assumed that we all had something in common. So we don't have to fake our appereance.
  4. Thank you charchar for convincing the owner/moderators to add a Rosacea Forum. Good Job!! There is a Rosacea Yahoo Group moderated by a Doctor who is also a Rosacea Sufferer. I just joined that group a couple of weeks ago and it has lots and lots of members and they support that group with their knowledge and experience. However, the big problem with tha group or any YAHOO group is that it's kind of difficult to keep track of the topics discussed. It's difficult to keep track of the threads
  5. I just wanted to congratulate whoever had this brilliant idea of adding a Rosacea Forum. It will bring hundreds of hundreds of new members. Even though Rosacea and acne may overlap in some cases, It's a completely different Chapter and I'm glad to see it as such.
  6. First of all, Happy new year to everybody!! I've noticed that more and more (single) people on this forum are complaining about having a poor or no Love Life. And we blame it on our scars. We use the "IF" theory all the time. "IF" I didn't have scars, Jessica Simpson would have a crush on me, "If" I didn't have scars, I'd have a Brad Pitt -look alike - boyfriend ,and so on! So if your acne scars among other things affect your Love Life and if part of your New Year's resolution was to f
  7. Me a cynic?? Why 'cause I don't bite BS very easily??? And I don't think this board is to promote or advertise products/services for "personal and business" purposes. I myself have spotted and reported a couple of people who came on here to advertise and sell their products!! Oh yeah!! Let's sell this poor acne/scars sufferers whatever he have, plus, it's a free advertising site!!! How cool is that??? many of the procedures talked about on this board have made peoples' skin look
  8. My dear friend, I don't know how severe your scarring is or for how long you've been struggling with scars. But for sure I can tell you that MICRODERMABRASION IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. It does absolutely nothing for scars. I've had about 8-10 sessions and it did Nothing, NADA, for my scars. And I have shadow/superficial scars. Microdermabrassion is really a MONEY-MAKING MACHINE. Nowadays, everybody has or wants to own one. From Plastic surgeons to Gynecologists. From Fancy spa
  9. Dude, Or whoever is behind that screen, : You pop out of nowhere and your first ever post is about Exoderm, Chula Vista, an "UNKOWN" Doctor and a 90% improvement ????? Are you sure you are not the famous Chulavistan Exoderm "Guru", Dr Rullan or one of his assistants ??? Or perhaps that famous nurse who likes to take care of Dr. Rullan patients and charges $300+ A DAY for smoothies??? If you read some exoderm threads you'll find horror stories about this procedure. Even some p
  10. Hate to dissapoint you, but there are some 4,000 + year-old religions (especially in China and India) And I'm not talking about witchcraft or mere separate rituals. I'm talking about a "formal" and "organized" way of worshiping.
  11. Kanmi, I think I was a little tough on you . That's why I'm editing this post. Sorry
  12. To the person who started this thread: I know you are not serious about the "Acne and Bible relationship" . You know it's an irrational relationship. You started something like this to generate some kind of debate or at least try to bring some humor to this forum. Now GUYS, in regards to the bible, I think it's one of the most (if not the most) complex books on earth. And if there were just one word to describe and summarize all its teachings, it would be LOVE. So forget about trying to ta
  13. LOL You can interpret the bible in millions of different ways and you can relate it to million of different things. Hence, there are sooooooooo many religions and sects. So I wouldn't be surprised if this Forum gives birth to multiple religions and we'd have something like the Evangelical Church of Acne, or Acne Methodist Church, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -with-Acne, or we'd have ACNEstants, ACNEtholics, ACNEwish, ACNElims etc, etc.
  14. That's exactly what I've started experiencing and I wanted to share it with you guys. I just did it for fun the first time and here I'm, A Modern Tarzan!!